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Localization with Aliaaed Sparse Arrays
W=1sbv-V-G.<196I).M-:1tip1ic=tiver=<=ivinsamvs=Thmsiflarrmludonof jv in electrical engineering from the Uni-
"'§°m""‘°f"”7’fm"w"'l' ‘1“"'°"i° “'“‘_““3']"m"l"f:'If‘Bfi"khI"‘fi'  , r - versity of Tennessee, Knoxville, and her
moon ofRndio Engmurx 22, 5-12.]b|re.196l.0077. , , _ ,
MS and PhD in electrical engineering
Eioskabch   from the MITlWoods Hole Oceano-
  graphic Institution Ioint Program. She
Kathleen E. Wage is a signal processor whose current in- received the 2016 IEEE Education So-
terests are sparse arrays, random matrix theory, underwa- ciety/I-Iewlett-Packard Harriett B. Rigas
ter acoustics, and engineering education. She is an associate Award. Kathleen spent 55 days at sea for
professor of electrical and computer engineering at George the Phi.lSea experiments and wishes the Olympic Commit-
Mason University, Fairfax, VA. Kathleen obtained her BS tee would recognize “Sonobuoy Tossing” as an oflicial sport.
7 -.:-;- x.-- — u- -7 r - - F C: * r:-s,_  :-»  . 2 2
. —~_.. _.__ ;/ L2 \
% \\\J/
—’ Acoustical Society Foundation Fund
This is my first column as chair of the Acoustical Society faculty advisor), and my career in acoustics blossomed
Foundation, and I Want to thank Carl Rosenberg for his from there. The main thing is to leave a lasting legacy
many years of service as chair of the Board. Fortunately, that reflects my appreciation for the values of the Society
he has agreed to stay on the Board, and we look forward that I’ve now been a member of for over 50 years.” Ierry
to working together to help the Society. also hopes this  will be an inspiration for others to do
the same. With a living trust, the donors maintain the
one of ‘he Purposes of ‘his Column is to recognize the earnings of the donation until the trust is terminated,
various ways ‘hat members help ‘he society‘ Acoustical and the ASA receives the benefit of the donation in the
Society “America (ASA) Fellow Jerry Hyde has notified future. I would like to express our appreciation for Ierry
the Foundation that he and his wife Michele have estab- and Michelgs generosity The Foundation welcomes and
fished 3 living trust ‘hmugh ‘he Fmmdamm Fund‘ This greatly values gifts of all sizes, and some of these will be
gift will support significant scholarships for study in a.r- highlighted in future Columns’
chitectura.l acoustics and noise control (]erry’s fields).
Ierry writes, “My life and career have benefited from my James H. Miller
association with the ASA. I started as a lab assistant for Chair, Acoustical Society Foundation Board
Vern Knudsen as a young physics student at the Univer- mi]
sity of California, Los Angeles (Izzy Rudnick was my
Mission ufthe Acoustical Society Foundation Board:
To support the mission of the ASA by developing financial resources for strategic initiatives and specialpurposzs.
For more information, contact Iumes H. Miller at
as 1 Acuultlcl Thu-y 1 r=o112mx

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