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currently have meetings booked through 2021 and are be- ing for two days to sort abstracts, arrange the technical
ginning to consider options for 2022 and later. In most cases, program for the meeting, and assign rooms for each of the
meeting locations are determined on the basis of a proposal technical sessions. This generally involved a multiday trip
from a local member who is interested in bringing one of for the technical program organizers to attend the TPOM.
our meetings to his/her city. The ASA website has informa- Thanks to suggestions made at the committee meeting and
tion about how to propose a meeting, including what infor- the hard work of a group of ASA members involved in or-
mation should be included in a proposal to be brought to the ganizing the technical program for the Pittsburgh meeting
COM. Anyone interested in proposing a meeting may find in spring 2015, a process for a virtual TPOM was worked
it helpful to attend a committee meeting where there will be out and demonstrated successfully. This has now become the
an opportunity to meet with chairs of past and future meet- standard method of organizing the technical program, and
ings, ask questions, and gain a general sense of how meeting it has made a process that was somewhat inconvenient and
planning is done. The COM almost always meets on Tuesday time consuming much more efficient, eliminating the need
at 1:30 pm during each regular ASA meeting. The location for most TPOM participants to travel.
of the meeting is published in the meeting progra.m, and _ _ _ _ _ _
we welcome guests interested in the ASA meeting planning In refgm years‘ Wnous quesmms ““’°1""‘$ lmemamma]
process, especially those who may be interested in chairing meetmg_s held_ overseas have beef‘ addressed m ‘hf COM as
a film” meeting. well as in wrious ad hoc committees. One of the issues has
been the frequency with which the ASA holds }0lnt meet-
In addition id idem-ifyidg f“t““ m“d“g Sm“ and local ings overseas with other societies. As the premier society in
chairs, the COM serves as a forum for chairs of recent past the field of acoiistiC§_ the A5 A is often asked to join with an.
and “PC°minS meetings ‘O "P0" 011 their pilamddg Pmcess other society to hold a joint meeting, and often we are asked
and to Hi“ qdesddm about meeimg Planning) hdtel ”' to hold the joint meeting overseas. The most recent example
rangements, how the ASA lam works, menus and venues for is the ioint meeting held iii Hoiig Kong in 2012‘ That meet_
the Tuesday and Thursday socials, arranging technical tours, iiig was cosponsored by the ASA, the Acoustical Society of
“d d bmad Variety Of Oth“ ‘°PiC5 that Wise in Pldndmg 3“ China (ASC), the Hong Kong Institute of Acoustics (I-IKIA),
ASA meeting- The chads Wdfk tdgdihef Cduegidny td Pm‘ and the Western Pacific Acoustics Conference (WESPAC).
vide assistance and recommendations to one another, and it Before that) the As A heid joint meetings in Paris (2008) and
is 3“ imP’955iVelY 5“PP°"dVe g"°“P- Berlin (1999), both cosponsored with the European Acous-
hi the recent past, the Society has moved to relieve the local tical Association. The general sense of the Society about the
chair and committee of some of the more burdensome as- f1'9q“"—“CY with which the“ °V9i'59d5 meetings “'9 held ha-5
pects of meeting planning, making it aless time-consuming been evolving. Although meetings in Canada, Mexico. and
endeavor. Much ofthe credit for this is due to the addition of Hawaii are not uncommon. meetings in Europe and Asia
the ASA meeting iglamtet-_ who bfings 3 gteat deg] of expet. had not occurred before the Berlin meeting. For many of our
tise in hotel negotiation, budget planning, and other aspects members» the °PP°n““itY td "-XP"i"-“C9 dndihi" Cdlidfe and
of meeting Planning to assist the 1053] committee This 3]. meet with colleagues for whom travel to the United States is
lows the local committee to focus on injecting regional color ditiifl-lit must be Weighed against the addit-i0Ii3i C0St and ill-
tnto the Planning Process thmugh the selection of sites for convenience of international travel to these meetings. In re-
technical tours, menu planning, Society luncheon speaker Ct’-‘it 17°]-I5 ofthe m9mb9Y5i'|il7> in diSC|1SSi0IIS in the COM, and
selection, accompanying persons programs, and local stu- in technical council meetings, it i5 3l7Pd’e“t that 3 mdj°"itY °f
dent involvement‘ the Society’s membership favors more frequent international
The discussions during committee meetings are wide rang- meetings’ Perhaps °_Cc“"mg  ofim ds every three to four
. . . . . _ years, and the COM is responding to this preference.
ing around the general topic of meeting planning, identify-
ing difliculties, and offering solutions to improve the pro- We should note that over the past 20 years or so, some 30-
cess. A good recent example was the development of a virtual 40% of our regular semiannual meetings have been cospon-
technical program organizing meeting (TPOM). Previously, sored with another socie , althou h most have been held in
after abstracts were submitted, the technical program chair North America. So, our Slociety’s Eutreach internationally is
and representatives from each technical committee would already considerable. For many years, the Society has had a
meet at the meeting hotel several months before the meet- pattern of joint meetings in Honolulu with the Acoustical
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