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Committee an Meetings
Society of Iapan on a 10-year recurring basis. We have in the interval between such meetings, the value to the Society,
recent years established a similar rhythm with the Mexican financial arrangements, level of interest and expected at-
and Iberoamerican societies, with the meetings held in Mex- tendance by Society members, and general feasibility After
ico thus far. Meetings with the Canadian society have been a thorough discussion, the members of the COM vote on
common for many years. With the European Acoustical As- whether to recommend that the Executive Council and the
sociation, we are establishing a pattern of joint meetings at executive director pursue the option or not, and this recom-
nine-year intervals, alternating between North American mendation is given careful consideration by the Executive
and European cities. There is an opportunity to establish a Council in deciding how to proceed.
simflar rhyfl_m_‘ Wm] ‘he wE_SI_’AC s°Ci_efie_s‘ and we_a're E‘ Summarizing, the COM has an important role in the Society
present finalizing plans for a Joint meeting in 2021 with the . akin sure ma‘ our meefin S are well or mized and ‘hm
Australian Acoustical Society (AAS) and WESPAC to be mm g . h E , d .  f h
held in Sydney we are responsive to t e mem ers esires in terms o ow
the meetings are run and where they are held. The ASA is
These types of international joint meetings cosponsored by somewhat unique in that it is one of a few professional soci-
the ASA and other large acoustical societies necessarily are eties that holds regular meetings of the entire membership
more complex than a regular semiannual meeting held in twice every year, in a broad variety of cities and with a full
North America. To enable us to organize and conduct these program of papers from all of the technical areas within the
meetings efficiently and cost effectively, there is quite a bit of Society. We are able to do this because members volunteer
work to do in developing a set of procedures, standardized their time and energy to help plan and organize the meet-
agreements, and memoranda of understanding. The finan- ings. The meetings are in many ways the pulse of the Society,
cial, organizational, and publishing aspects must be well un- and they contribute greatly to giving the Society its charac-
derstood to properly evaluate whether ASA participation in ter. For those reasons, we are grateful to the members who
aparticular joint meeting opportunity will benefit our Soci- agree to assist with a local committee and serve as a local
ety. However, it seems clear that most ASA members believe chair. This is one of the most important ways a member can
that we should continue to engage in these types of meetings serve our Society. And, of course, an important role for the
to preserve our leadership role in the field of acoustics. Such COM is to provide as much assistance to the local chair and
meetings also support our members in their desire to main- committee as possible.
“in a_high level of éollegial awareness of advancemems in For those of you who are interested in participating in the
the science of acoustics globally. COM have ‘. ‘. b . ‘ ‘ d.
, ques ions or sugges ions, or may e in eres e in
In recent years, the COM has assisted with the evaluation proposing a meeting in your city, please feel free to contact
of proposals for overseas joint meetings on a number of oc- me via email ( ). I will be happy to
casions. The committee fosters discussion of such issues as try to answer your questions.
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