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Ear|y—C.areer Aeousticians
)5: My company specializes in acoustic consulting services How did you go about networking in your field before
relating to public transportation (e.g., light rail trains, bus you got a job and how do you continue to network?
routes, commuter  -We are brought on as subcontractors JM: Iwas able to find thisjob opportunity through the Brigham
to do noise and vibration environment impact statements Y U . . BYU . b f . Th N a1A. S C
f blic tra.ns ortation Althou h this is the ma'ority ("mg mvermw N0 am E av K ysmms om-
‘: nlfw P“ d all) k ' all g _ th _ J 1 mand (NAVAIR, the group I support inthe Naval Air Warfare
0 w an we 0‘ _we 50 wo_r on sm_ er mlecls_ 3? “W0 Va Center Aircraft Division) recruited at BYU in 2014. Iwas also
Commumty noise mmlflamts or thmgs like lmmng 1“ a new able to network through an internship between my junior and
gas stauom senior years, reaching out to former BYU grads and applying
My duties entail taking noise and vibration field measure- to MANY jobs online. I continue to receive emails from BYU,
ments, analyzing those measurements, assessing projects, and high school, and college students in the a_rea_
wining reporm we are a small company and we all Pnch in ]S- The best wa I found of networkin in this field is to o
where we can I can have one day when rm analyzing noise tolconferences yand artici ate in theg social events thefe
measureniems and the n_ext rm “’°'kl“_g on a Comlflewjly difl The National Counclil of ficoustical Consultants (NCAC).
farm‘ Project that uses dflemm regulauom and analysis‘ student mixer at the ASA conferences was a great place to
SA: As an assistant professor, my job consists of three com- network when I was in school and continues to be one of my
ponents: teaching, research, and service. I mostly teach me- primary networking activities,
Chmifcal engineering muffs: slug] as fluid mecganicydheat SA: I was/arn involved in professional organizations such
trans er, an ocean acoustics. so mentor un ergra uate as ‘he ASA, the American Geophysical Union (AGU), and
and graduate smdems 1“ nfy re§eaI_Ch group “Pd help ‘hem the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).
conduct research. For service, I chair the Curriculum Com- G . . .

_ _ _ _ oing to conferences and talking to other researchers is the
mittee in which we review courses to make sure they are hes‘ wa ofnetworkin Pm arm an elevamr “ch (3 Shut
aligned with our program criteria and are beneficial to stu- d .  g. P g P .

_ _ _ _ _ escription of your work) can help you to connect with peo-
dents. Also, I am involved in creating a new minor in ocean 12 and sun a Conversation
engineering that focuses on training students for the high- P I
demand marine industry in the Pacific Northwest.

144131 was tlzepracess like finding andgettinghired

What makes you passionate about the career you chose? 127’ "Ibb?
]M: I enjoy briefing results, compiling evidence into a cohe- lM= Thl'°“Sll “reef fall?) 01111113 3Pl7llC“ll°ll5- and llel5W°l'l"
sive story and making complicated algorithms easy to un- mg» I was able to gel fell’ lob °lfel'5' Tllls leelly llell7ed me
derstand. I enjoy working with real-world data to improve a t0 Cll°°5e the be“ J-°l’ fol’ myself “llel my fallllly Gelllllg 3
system. It is a different approach from basic research where lel’ lll llle Us Seyemmelll l5 3 lellgllly Pl'°Ce55> 5° that l'°“le
the questions are very open ended. I.n military research, definitely lekee 5°me Pellellee 3-ml l7el5l5lellCe-
every Project has a clear °biective= improve system Perf°r- is: I started looking for a job before 1 finished working at
mance for the servicemembers. It helps me stay focused on The University “Texas (UT)_ Iknew 1 wamgd 10 do acoustp
my Well‘ and knew lllal llle leeks 3-ml eleeelllllee really bell‘ cal consulting in some capacity, so I went to the NCAC job
ellt 5°me°lleA board and started looking at the postings there. I limited the
)5; The fact that every day is djffeyem, Every Pgojecq has its jobs I applied for to places where I wanted to live for at least
own problems to solve, and I am applying what I learned in thfee years bl“ W35 °Pell to eXP3lldlllS my 5e3l'Cll lfl Cellld
college on a Pracfica] 1eve1_ not find one where I was looking. I also sent emails to com-
SA: I enjoy working with smdems and helping them be_ palpies I was interested in to see if they were going to have
come independent researchers and critical thinkers. Teach- lo openings my tune soon‘
ing and mentoring students can be very satisfying because I was interviewed by several companies before I got an of-
you quickly see the impact of your work on their life. I am fer from Cross-Spectrum. Some companies only did phone
also very passionate about learning new material and tack- interviews, but some had me come in for an in-person inter-
ling complex problems in science. I am constantly learning, view. Usually, the interviews focused on my work experience
challenging myself, and improving my skills. during grad school.
as 1 AI:i:iuII:l=l Tbday 1 mi 2013

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