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SA: Finding a tenure-track position can be very competitive go home in the evenings and weekends with no schoolwork
and time consuming. It may take a couple of years until you and be able to truly relax. After a demanding major taking
find a position that is a good fit for you. My advice is: do not all of that free time, I finally found some good hobbies once
give up. Stay in the field, keep publishing, and establish a I graduated.
smmg “e‘W°’k- Always talk ‘° l79°Pl9 and 35]‘ ‘hem if ‘hey IS: The transition was pretty easy. The hardest thing for me
have any open positions at their institute. I learned about to get used to was that I usually have 3 Plan for what lam
my current position through one of my colleagues. Before working on ma‘ day, bu‘ it often goes awry
otficially applying for the position, I talked to the chair of the Th b d _ I h f _ _ h kf
Search Committee to learn more about the position. Then _ 1:“ es‘ ahwce 1:: e or sgmfione goglg “ml; e W” one
I applied though their website, submitted my research and '5 oww at you ow in W 3‘ you 0 {mt ow‘ You may
teaching statements, and asked my letter providers to send know how ‘O analyze dam’ bl“ you dont know how your
recommendation letters. After a few months, I was invited new field looks a‘ "‘ Ask quesuons oflen‘
to the campus for an interview that had three main parts: re- 5A: The most Challmging I73" f°’ me was d°i“g m“mPl9
search presentation, teaching presentation, and one-on-one t35k5 3‘ the 53-me '-lm9- A5 3 Smd studemv I only f°C“5ed °“
imgrvggw§_ my research and writing my thesis. As a professor, I need to
multitask. Teaching, research, mentoring students, writing
Is there any one piece afadvice arlessan you wish you P"°P°53l5v and Sflving °“ mumlfle Commmees “'9 ‘ml?’ 3
Wm,” hgyg known when bgg,‘,,,"‘,1gya.,,-jab 53“-Cb _7 few of my responsibilities. However, it is very rewarding to
JM: Ca“ a broad ML Be broad in your applications, and workwith students and see how they succeed in their educa-
you’ll hopefully end up with many options to choose from. mm and the“ film" Career‘
IS‘ Start “HY IfY°“ know when Y°“ 3" gang t” “ed 3 j°b* Has the ASA or any other professional society been
start a few months beforehand and just let them know your beneficialfaryau in ya”. Bfllycmerylfsa’ how?
time line. Also, make sure you do some research on the com- _ _ _
pany before you send in your resume; then optimize your £15111]; ASA ht: hie“ b;x1:1ficm1flfor diff]: eaIl‘ykci:::er En ‘hm ‘t
resume for that particular company and job posting. fl:E::Ve:::n:n ‘:rm:n ow e 1 arm 5 0 Careers
SA: I wish I’d known howlong it would take to prepare ajob SA_ As P A h I d by h
application package. Writing a good research and teaching ' a young “seam er’ nee F0 es“ ‘_s _my ow‘? re-
smmmem and Preparing a job talk requires a lot of time‘ I search.  ASA and other professional societies provided
recommend you start “linking abom your research dkeo opportunities for me to meet_people, learn about their work,
mm and ‘caching Philosophy in advance) even before gmd“_ and establish new-collaborations. Alot of my research ideas
ation and applying for the academic jobs. were mmmed during ‘he ASA meel'mgs'
. . , . .
How was the transition from beinga student to hxvinga “mats mmclmzgzru re re;/Hy fiaakmgfafi-Ward to "1
real job.’ Wliat was difiicult.’ M’lzat was great? your C_“-germ B an  or ang '2'‘? _
IM: After being a student for 16 years, it was VERY intimi-  Iflilgegolr;I‘l:nI§::;“;:§o:2;lI;::::;1::§§:eS::‘:C3:::
dating going into the full-time workforce. I experienced a l. . . l .
_ _ _ _ versity. I am enjoying the classes and looking forward to
lot of self-doubt at the beginning, questioning whether I had learning more abom acoustics.
truly prepared well enough to excel in a career. My employer
didnst “Pea me ‘O know how ‘O do ‘he job; may exPeCt_ IS: I’m really looking forward to learning more about my in-
ed me to know how to lean] how ‘O do ‘he job‘ On_‘he_’-ob dustry and helping it move forward as technology advances.
training was my primary focus for the first few months, and I am able lo apply whal I know about acouslics and teChn°l'
I am still (four years employed) learning how to better per- ogy t° lm‘°‘”‘i°“5 i“ ‘his i“d“5‘W
form my job. Most graduates I know had the same experi- SA: My goal is to have a positive impact on the communities
ence. Hard work and an eagerness to learn will get you far that I’m involved with. I have learned a lot from these com-
in the early years. All that being said, it was AMAZING to munities; now it’s time to give back.
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