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work in 2008, with the first part considering the framework How do you feel when experiments do not work out the
published in 2014 (ISO, 2014). The second part on technical Wayyau expected tlzem ta.’
specifications for data collection came out in 2018, and the I feel responsible and need to rethink and discuss the proce-
final part on analysis is to appear later in 2020. My partici- dures that were employed. Sometimes the unexpected out-
pation in this group is best summarized by the book that I comes of projects are a great experience! But it is always very
coedited with Iian Kang (Kang and Schulte-Fortkamp, 2016) diflicult if deadlines cannot be met.
that brought together researchers from all over the world to
work together on soundscape as well as my involvement in Do you feellikeyau have solved the Wm.k_H[e balance
the European project on Soundscape of European Cities and problem; Mr“ 1', always this Way?
Landscapes (Lercher and 5Ch“11€-F°1'1k3-ml?» 2013). Work-life balance can be diflicult ifyou do not have a clear
t' fdtibt k d 'tl'f;th
Describe your career patlz (how you got your start, jpam um O  es 6 ween WM. an Pnva E ‘ 6 are are
ways expectations from both sides. My career has not re-
Wbatmade you Cha05eya"rfiBM)' all afforded such a clear se aration of duties To be honest
My first focus in science was in the social sciences. Because Y P . . : )
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ I work every day, even on vacation. It is sometimes very hard
of interdisciplinary initiatives at the University of Oldenburg, to keg a balance but imaramngl R was 0“ a kind of
Germany, at the time and because I did my doctorate in soci- ermaimt owerlas wan Y‘ g Y
ology on the development of interdisciplinary research meth- P P t
ods in noise ewluation and its sociological analysis, I got the g g a
chance to participate in acoustics projects and I never turned Wat makes 70" 3 gm"? “:0"s"Cm‘f' _ _
back. I considered acoustics not only as a physical discipline Bemg “Wale that expanse m acoustics ‘S not only kf“_’w"_‘g
but also as a human-related science that can unite people how to méasuré but also understmdmg that People _hVmg m
and knowledge across disciplines and Cmmmas all over the an acoustic environment are the real experts when it comes
world. Based on my sociological background, it was possible to C°n_CePts_ of measuremém‘ My approach 1“ amusnhs is
to develop research methods that would use people’s expertise mt_erd‘s_uP1mary‘_I seek to Identify the chances  the hm‘-
with noise from ‘hair daily fives. I am not a blind believer in -tations in acoustic measurements. As an acoustician focus-
statistics but rather in methods that will open the black box mg on P§yCh°aC°‘_'st_‘cs and hols: as well as sound quahty
regarding Perception and evaluation. The opportunity ‘D be in  soundscapes, -It is most important to look for collabo-
contact with researchers from different disciplines enabled in- muons between different dmclhlmes to apply a_C°“§t_lC§ _a5 a
terdisciplinary connections to be made in all of my respective Eooldm Elnhmce th: quality °f1f‘fe' Trans Cjlrnes lmphcauom
. . . . ' 'tectures o goo an supportive envi-
proiects. Later on, the European Cooperation in Science and or ‘W opmg arc ‘ _ _ _
Technology (COST) action on the smmdscape of European ronments as well as for developing educational strategies to
cities (Lercher and Schulte-Fortkamp, 2013) developed into a understand the needs °fPms_ervat_‘°n_ and fim_"e hhmges‘ A
very rewarding manifestation of such early collaborative a.m- further “fed '5 C°mI_n“m_Camm Ymhm the scmmfic area as
bitions because the intensive collaboration helped to facilitate well as with the Public‘ It is most unP°rt_am_t° find latforms
meaningful Progress ‘O enhance ‘ha quality of life regarding and languages for this kindofcommunication, which I feel I
acoustic anvimmnems can facilitate with my particular background and expertise.
A To enhance people’s quality of life in acoustic environments,
“mat is a typical dz’, faryaug one will find many solutions based on noise regulations, but
This is not an easy question to answer; each day is different. g"°“P5 °t eXPert5 heed t° hhP"°Ye these tegulatlohs t° Pm‘
But my most common tasks include writing emails, univer- “d9 the best S°°d 5°1“t‘°h5 ft” the P901719 C°hC9m9d-
sity-related issues like giving lectures, working on projects
with colleagues and students, having faculty meetings, and How do you handle rejection?
famil -related activities. If I look back to the time when m Primaril , I take re'ection as an o ortuni to understand
sons were young, the arrangements were slightly different another perspective and find opportunities for better com-
and articularl challen in with m re ular attendance at munication about the articular situation. I do not necessar-
P Y S S Y S 17
conferences and meetin s all over the world. There were al- il acce tthe re'ection immediatel but ush back to under-
8 Y P J Y P
wa s difiicult lo istics to balance. stand the situation more full .
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