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Ask an Acausticisn
lfliatxre yaupmudest afin your career? and the soundscape approach, it is necessary to advise the
Career does not mean to me only “business career.” Career respective stakeholders in communities, parks, and wilder-
to me is a global term for organizing my life with regard to ness. Future generations as well as sociocultural, aesthetic,
family and business. I am proudest of my sons but also of and economic effects should be considered as resources in
my decision to keep a balance between family and business. this work as well and should be directly involved. The cur-
It makes me most proud that my sons are brilliant in their rent approach within the standardization of soundscapes
respective business careers and achieved the balance of busi- and the available standards in psychoacoustics and noise
ness and family thatl also strove for. management have provided a big step toward enhancing
the quality of life for people. As we know, soundscape is
I441“ [5 '1” “K5951 ‘7'i5‘“k“79"’V“ "'""7”'d9-’ different from “acoustic environment,” which is defined as
S°m9tim95 I mink that I 5h°‘-‘Id haw 3150 17'“ 3“ 9ml7h35i5 “sound from all sound sources as modified by the environ-
°“ smdying medical 5Cle“Ce5- ment.” Soundscape, on the other hand, is defined as a con-
t tfh t',h'h"fl db ’
we  do       
Myadvicei? mtrym findyourowxl “nderslmdhlg o_fa?°usfics' ronment in contextg (ISO, 2014). Every Zituation is different
Networkwith people from acoustics and other disciplines. Try . . . .
t d t d (h “h 31 h b _ d and the contribution of sound sources will vary. Using the
mm as an a _ Fm _aXe ways “mm? el_ngs ConCem_e ’ soundscape approach goes beyond sound sources to con-
no matter what decision is made from a scientific perspective. . . .
sider other sensory systems, visual aesthetics, and geogra-
Have you ever €1]7£l'i£llCBd impaster syndrome? How did Phy_ as well as Social‘ P§ych°1_°g‘Cal_‘ and Cuhuml lflspecm
you deal with that '.[50_,T° me ‘his is amost difl-lcuh ques_ Taking this variety into consideration should be integral
. . to the goals and guidelines of acoustical development of
tion. I am not sure whether I should answer with yes or no d _H _b _ d _ d
because I feel it might be a question only addressing women sPaCe:_m In Com:‘f “mum a supportive an lmpmve
who are successful or maybe women who are in business amus ‘C mvmmmm or a '
and raising children too. It is true for me that I very often
feel I have to iprofyel ctlh:t I artnh aware of all negi1N dev1elt(}>]pments References
in my scienti c e , ut o erwise I stron y ee at I a.rn
doing the rigm mugs and also following my goal to impm International Organization‘ for Standardization (150). (2014). Aeousm
_ _ _ _ Suundsmpe Part 1.- Definitiun and Cunceptiml Framework. ISO/TC 43/SC
‘° the 5‘“d‘’-“‘5 the “b11‘‘Y ‘*3 W°1'k 1“ 3 Pf°b1€m' and Pf°!“t' 1/2014, 12913-1, International Organization for Standardization, Geneva,
oriented way to always improve science and its outcomes Switzerland.
wnh regard ‘O ‘he needs of society Kang. In and Schulte-Fortknmp, B. (Eds). (2016). Soimdrmpe and the Built
Environment. CRC Prefi, Boca Raton, FL.
What do you mm to accomplish within them“ M yam Len.-her, 17., and Schiilte-Fonknmp, B. (2013). Soimdrmpe u]Eum-pean Cit-

], f , , ies andLandsmpe:Hurmon1smg. In European Cooperation in Science and
0' “ 9"‘ "“"“”"""- Technology (cosT) TUD Action 'r1).oso4, cost Brussels. Available at
I would like to support, as much as I can, the application imp://
of the soundscape approach in different acoustics fields that 5€h|I1\e-Feflkamp» 3-» and Dilbeis» 13- (2006>- Recent advances in Scand-
de 3] Wm‘ noise But I would also like ‘O “Won its app” scape reseai'ch.Ach1Acust1'm united with Arurtim 9z(6),v-viii.

_ _ ‘ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ so-ianixe-Fonkamp, 13., and Kang, 1. (2013). Introduction to the special is-
Caflon In C0mm“mUeS to SHPPOY1 Public msmmlons llke sue on soundscapes. The Iuurmzl u]theAmustim1 Suriety ofAmerim 134,
schools and hospitals. To establish the soundscape concept 765-766.

72 1 Acuulclcl Tbday 1 mi 2013

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