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These reviews of books and other forms of information express the opinions of the individual reviewers and are not necessarily
endorsed by the Editorial Board of this Iournal. — Philip I. Marston, Book Review Editor
 To shed light on some of the details, Chapter 5 contains
_ comprehensive material on outdoor sound propagation,
NOISE  from principles underlying outdoor sound propagation ca.l-
Fifth Edition cu}l]atior:, the law of regection/refraction for bgtlli) plane an:
sp eric waves, soun propagation impacte y groun ,
Am]-mrei David A‘ Bies_ con“ ]—i_ turbulence effects, and atmospheric and meteorological ef-
5"‘ Hansen, and Carl 0' Howard fects to barrier effects and many other miscellaneous effects.
ENGINEERING Publisher: CRC Press, Boca Ra- Ifi‘?"“ij“°“ °“ “ ““‘“"e‘.°‘1"f1’“3““‘g‘h'“°de1‘ “1?‘’ make‘
NOISE CONTROL ton Florida 2018 826 PP. t is c apter _more -PIECIICC-[6 ewnt. _apter 1-2 _is a new
i-_-_»_i-i-__i '' ‘ ' chapter dealing with frequency analysis containing basic
 ‘ -W Price: $149-95 (h31'dC0V91') material on signal processing and spectral analysis pertinent
. ISBN: 978-1-138-30590-5 to noise and vibration problems, which was partially cov-
, ered in Appendix D of the previous editions. This reviewer
'  : The 5th edition of this book is a appreciates the authors’ recognition that fun-damental signal
. thomughiy “Pdanid and re_oi__ protchessiingfconcegts ind tools age currently iniegrai parts of
ganized nixibook in Comparison $ o  od sfiun vi ration an hnoise contrp Engineering.
with die Previous ediiions (‘mi ey raise t e importance o t ese materia s y arranging
ed., 2009; 3rd ed., 2003; 2nd ed., 1996; 1st ed., 1988). It con- ‘hem ““° 3 ‘eP“”“e ‘h“P‘e' °““e "°°k'
‘eihs 3 ‘ed 3-‘h°“h‘ °f hew me‘ede1> Whh me-“Y C°hCeP‘“31 The emphasis of this edition, like the 4th one, is solely on pas-
illustrations and extensive references. The book represents a sjvg methods of noise control‘ The am]-‘ore suggesi the‘ read.
C°mP"eheh5h’e hehdhhg °f ‘he state °‘ ‘he 3" 0‘ hhP°"‘3n‘ ers who are interested in active noise control consult with Un-
‘°i7iC5 ih acddsdcs and hdise C°h“'°1 ehgiheehihgi ehd h'ihS5 derstandingActi1/e Noise Cancellation by Colin H. Hansen.
together a lot of relevant practical information, presented by
“(here with much knowledge and Practice] experience The Since the reviewer’s research interests and educational tasks
bookrepresents a compilation of conventional and advanced °Ve1'1aP mmewha‘ Wm‘ “"359 0‘ the 3“‘h°Y5v ‘hi5 h°°k W35
material, including many useful calculation details, hints, fodhd ‘° he qdhe ihtehesdhg ehd fhh df ‘hdch “Sehd ‘h‘‘’"
and instructions, valuable to both academics and acoustical meh°h- Thi5 is 3 heceese-{Y h°°k ‘M 5°“hd ehgiheehs ehd
consultants as well as noise control engineers. ecddsdidehs ehSeSed_l_Lh ‘heir P’°fe55i‘::l“‘én‘:i’°’kd‘i’]1i1 h1"i5e
contro engineering. is reviewer wou it i cu t to
After a thoughtful rearrangement (from previous editions), “Se "es atex‘ ‘°_‘ my 51355 W‘‘h‘h °he 5e‘_he5‘e"v ‘h°“Sh- The
the book covers, in addition to basic preparations includ- 5_“fliC‘eh“Y deteded "e“"heh‘_°f “C°“5“C5/5°“hd l7"°Pege'
ing human hearing and noise Criteria (Chapters 1 and 2)) tion goes beyond one course in classroom teaching for ei-
instrumentation for noise measurement and analysis as well ‘he’ g”d““‘e °" dhdehgmddete 5‘“dY Ohe wddld heed ‘d
as transducers, different types of sound sources, radiators, Ca"e_‘““Y Select keY_ C°‘h_P°heh‘5 ‘mm ‘he h°°k CheP‘e’5 f0‘
and sound Power (Chapters 3 and 4); sound nmpagaiion anoise control engineering course. The book does serve well
onidoors (chapiei 5), including over nomns ground, ban as a ready reference for those who have some training in
riers, and diffraction at edge; room-acoustics (Chapter 5); “M” Control 0' aC°“s‘‘C5'
building acoustics (Chapter 7); muifling devices (Chapter R _ b _
8); structure-borne vibrations and controls (Chapter 9); and Niiglgnadtag
sound power and sound pressure level estimation proce- . . .
dures (Chapter 10) of a wide variety of devices, machines, Graduate Program m-Architecmml Acousucs
and transportation noise. iii the end, Chapters 11 and 12 Rmsfiaer Polytechnic Insmme
deal with practical numerical predication tools and frequen- _1i_10 8 Sm!“ k
cy analysis, respectively. Fundamental knowledge and tools my‘ New Yor 12180
necessary for readers are also included in six different sec- [Published online lime 12, 2018, The Iournal of the Acoustical
tions of the Appendix. Society of America, 143(6)]
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