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keep up to speed with upcoming events at ASA meetings, students can also follow the Student Council through its Facebook ( and Twitter ( accounts.
Events During Meetings of the
Acoustical Society of America
Much of the work of the Student Council focuses on events and special sessions held during the biannual meetings of the ASA. On the first day of each meeting, a new student orien- tation is held to introduce first-time ASA attendees to Stu- dent Council members and provide a snapshot of upcoming events. During this meeting, students are provided tips for maximizing their experience at the meeting, and they are provided color-coded nametag stickers representing their preferred TC to help promote conversation and discussion throughout the week.
To promote a robust sense of community for students within the ASA, the Student Council hosts a number of social events at every meeting. The first of these events is a student meet and greet held on the first evening of each conference. Stu- dents are provided light refreshments and encouraged to simply mingle with each other in a low-pressure environ- ment. As the name implies, the meet and greet is a fantastic way for students to meet peers both in and outside their spe- cialized areas while acclimating to the busy environment of a large academic conference. Each ASA meeting also features a student outing to a venue within walking distance of the con- ference center in addition to a student reception, hosted with the support of the National Council of Acoustical Consul- tants. Together these social events provide a jumping board for students to make lasting connections that will benefit them long into their professional careers.
The Student Council also hosts four special sessions that cycle every three to four meetings. The first of these special sessions, “An Introduction to Technical Committees,” consists of a se- ries of short presentations delivered by senior ASA members and serves to introduce new student members to the breadth of acoustics topics and help them to fit their research interests within the scope of ASA. For the second special session, the Student Council presents a Mentoring Award to a student- nominated ASA member who has shown exceptional skill in acoustics education and preparing students for acoustics careers. Previous Mentoring Award recipients and informa- tion regarding the nomination process can be found on the Student Council website ( A Graduate Studies in Acoustics poster session serves as
the third special session, during which students can view poster summaries from the many acoustics research pro- grams throughout the country and speak with student and faculty representatives from these institutions. After the session, the program posters are included on the ASA Stu- dent Council webpage as a resource for future inquiring students ( The final special session is a Grant and Fellowship Panel for students and early-career acousticians concerned with fund- ing their research interests. The panel itself consists of several ASA members well-versed in grant/fellowship writing and identifying funding opportunities that are sure to be useful to those looking for some additional financial support.
During ASA meetings, the Student Council also acts as a li- aison between student members and the Society at large. Stu- dent Council members serve as representatives for each of the 13 TC meetings, which students are highly encouraged to attend. Nearly every ASA subcommittee also includes a Stu- dent Council ambassador, including the College of Fellows, Women in Acoustics, Education, and Technical Council sub- committees. At these meetings, the Student Council provides a voice for the concerns and interests of student members and ensures that its initiatives are coincident with the ASA Strategic Leadership Plan.
Preparing Students for Careers in Acoustics
It is critical that students have support as they advance through their respective programs and universities into full careers in acoustics. As such, the Student Council hosts and promotes a number of events and resources designed to help students navigate the oftentimes intimidating waters of professional development. One such event is the Résumé Help Desk where students are invited to bring their résumés and CVs and an experienced ASA member will provide constructive feedback to help them with their next admissions process or job search.
Additionally, the aforementioned Students Meet Members for Lunch program, which pairs ASA student members with more senior members for lunch during the ASA meet- ing, provides a great opportunity for students to ask ques- tions specific to their career goals and personal interests while forming a unique connection with a professional in their field. And, noting that awareness of professional and academic opportunities can be a difficult task, the Student Council also maintains on its website an updated listing of opportunities including internships, postdoctoral positions, and full-time jobs, which students should regularly visit for new postings.
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