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      The Student Council is always looking for new ways to wel- come students into the world of acoustics and help them advance toward successful careers within the field. Since its inception nearly two decades ago, the Student Council has made great strides toward realizing this vision, and it is para- mount that this trend continues. In this endeavor, key ini- tiatives include improving awareness of the ASA among stu- dents, making it easier for students to get involved with the ASA by attending meetings and events, and increasing the scope of professional development opportunities afforded to students. In achieving these goals, the Student Council is for- tunate to have the support of the ASA financially, logistically, and as a source of strategic planning through the Executive Council. Society members or students with an interest in the Student Council can visit the Student Council website for more information and for programming or to propose ideas to the Student Council representatives. And, of course, the Student Council hopes to see all of you students at future ASA meetings!
Blackstock, D. (2015). ASA News: Students meet members for lunch. Acoustics Today 11(2), 72-73.
Sound Perspectives:
Public Relations Committee
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members navigate an ASA meeting, become familiar with the Society’s organization, and encourage participation.
We expect the role of the PRC to coevolve with the changing media landscape. From hosting press luncheons to produc- ing webcasts and videos, the tactics of informing the public about the work of ASA members must adapt to meet soci- ety’s needs and habits. Fortunately, the increased awareness within the ASA of the importance of outreach ensures that there are multiple perspectives informing the Society’s work in meeting this challenge.
Leshner, A. (2012). Capably communicating science. Science 337, 777.
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