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_  a new Technical Specialty Group in this area and provides
Fr°_rn the Editor ample reason why this area has become so important to all
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The fourth article, by Caroline Lubert, took me back to my An th th_ I 1 d fr d _ thi _ _ th t eh
. . 0 er in earne om oin 5 issue is a e
youth when Sputnik Changed the World. Ive never thought ASA has a hisfor of artici ation ingthe world-famous Intel
much about the sounds produced during a rocket launch and _    _
their implications, but I now realize that this is a major issue Sclence and Engmeermg  Through th1_S’_ the ASA helps
. . . . support upcoming acousticians. Our participation is won-
of concern in rocket science and engineering. _
derfully described by Iefirey Vipperman. The ASA also sup-
The final article Came about when I Saw an abstract for an ports science education through programs at ASA meetings
ASA 5Peehh Sessioh aheht theUh°Ph°he5> ‘mother Word I for local high—school students. This is described in an essay
did not know. I attended and then invited Nathanael Mayo to by Tracianne Neflsen and L_ Keeta Jones Indeed, hopefully
Share this faseihatihg t°Pie with the AT ahthehee many ASA members will read both of these essays and reach
This issue also has a number of interesting “Sound Perspec~ Out to the authors for WaY5 the)’ eah Set ihV°1Ved ahd hell’ the
tives” essays. “Ask an Acoustician” focuses on Sandra Gor- ASA ih these Vet?’ h'hP°1'taht ehtteaeh efforts-
don—Salant (only by coincidence does Sandy have two articles I eleee with a reminder that ifyeu would like to disease doing
in this issue). Ifyou have ever wondered about the function en emele for AT Send me an email (epepeereeeumd e du) with
and history of ASA chapters, be sure and read the essay by a mention efymir idea and I will be in teueh lam Pertieularly
Kenneth Wood’ Jr" and lamb Mauck‘ interested in articles on topics not yet covered in AT (all the
We also have an essay by D. Keith Wilson that should interest articles in the past issues are available at
anyone who uses computational acoustics. Keith describes and articles from younger members.
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