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Age-Flalatad Hearing Lass
I 2 3.1‘ V , Samira Anderson 1S associate profes-
“ ' W :§”_°fh‘?:“i“§ “lad Siieefih SC°i"fi‘°°S :3: Over 50 Years of Test Services
‘ _ n1vers1 y o ary an , o ege ar . .
, K‘ 'I\ After practicing as a clinical audiologist NVLAP Accreqlted (Code 200291 0)
A «— ‘ 1 ‘ for 26 years, she decided to pursue re- IAS Accredlted (Lab Code 216)

search to better understand the hearing difficulties experi- ISO/"EC 17025 Compliant

enced by her patients and obtained her PhD in December _ _ _

2012. Samira’s current research focuses on the effects of ag- Test capabflmes Include‘

ing and hearing loss on central auditory processing and neu- E492 "C. E21 79 Delta “C E90 STC
roplasticity, and she uses this information to evaluate the ef- C423 NRC, E1414 CAC, E1 1 1 1 AC

flcacy of hearing aids, cochlear implants, Sound Power, Pipe Lagging’ SAE J1400
Y I and ‘*“d“°’Y ”‘“““‘g- E84 Flame Spread, E119 Fire Endurance
 Sandra Gordon-Salant is professor of _ _ _ _
pg .2. hearing and Speech Sciences at the Uni_ NGG Testing Services - 1650 Military Road
‘g versity of Maryland, College Park. Her BUIIEIIO, NY 14217 ' Tel: 716-873-9750
research interests include the effects of ngCtesting3erVice3_c0m
‘ aging, cognitive abilities, and hearing

loss on auditory processes. She has published 90 articles and

book Chapters’ Primarily on the topic of age're1ated heap Statement of Ownership, Management, and Circulation

ing loss and speech understanding problems of older peo- Puhlicatianmle: m..,mn,.i.y

IA ica Ian num er: 1557-0215
ple. She is coeditor of the book, The Aging Auditory System.  Dlzte: h mm
SSIAE re uenc I “' 3"

Dr. Gordon-Salant is an Honoree of the American Speech- Lo‘4'53“pzmhemmlly: :1 n Y

Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) and a Fellow of the :;‘:‘:fe":fmgjjjrfggjiknownWe ff,,,,,,.,.,,,,.,,,m, ‘ A

Acoustical Society of America. Her research has been sup- :‘°:fi:::“;f;'°n .‘,.,“::.'f,',‘."::,'l'.'.","5"1:f',,‘§'.;:",'§‘,"°'"°'""""V mum

ported by the National Institute on Aging of the National In- ,‘»EliT.“i".‘S‘,.“.'.i".»f.'§.7?."..".“.Ei[129'F§o1‘&‘}§.i‘§i3.:‘.I.t‘.!i'.‘¥iZ§:,i‘ili$a%Zf‘."£§'.:1fiLT%.$“I':§.mon

stitutes of Health since 1986. 2375;.'iI;§JZ3f§.'§.'Z?L’l5iIéi?;“ZZ§§‘l§?}§'$!.T'vC.$f.3§Z'.§§fi$C§'§$fT..'§§E".;3"§‘i§‘l'Z§".S""“'"' '"'""'"
V Known bondholders, morrgagees, and all-ier security holders owning or holding 1 percent or more choral amount of bonds,
i" ’ ;_ ‘ J  R’ D ubno is a professor in the D 6' amhmeWi:i:;:::‘:,'i::nnian and nanpmfk nalusnhhlsoijanlraflon mama exemplslamskirfederalincome tax
3 ‘ partment of Otolaryngology-Head and mbmonme: §',';',",j‘,‘,‘,:;',',,‘,,'j,‘;“""““"’"""‘ ""°"""‘""'°'""’
3 ,‘  Neck Surgery at the Medical University Issuedztabeinw: Ju|y201£
 . :. Oi Seiiiii Ceieiiiie iii Ciiei1eei°ii- Her re-  :::r.::.*:°.;:.t::°e ::.:Li:i;:::‘:::.':..
  Search’ Supported  grants from the Na" mai number ormoies (Net press rim) Wmdml mm mm Bataan
‘"5"’ '»”-i7‘ tional Institutes of Health (NIH), focus- .‘:T‘:‘ZZ;.5°""" ‘W 3m
es en auditory Perception and speeeh recognition in adverse "““’v‘2:Z;'ZZ‘E‘!.‘3f;f2’;:?‘.1".fiiLEZ212“;Zlii.I2LZ“i2ET:l‘L:22”‘“"‘“"' ee 
listening Conditions and how perception Changes  age’ ram nisxrioiixioniayomerciassesoiMaiirhrougmne USPS(e.g.,Firs!—ClassM:-iii)
TotzIPaii1 Distribution 6347 5150
hearing loss, hearing aids, and training. She is a Fellow of the FreeorNominalnateoutsuwcaunxvcanues 12 12
Free Nominal Rate IIVCOUM Cu is:
Acoustical Society of America  and Previously Served Free nrNominzlRate copiesymafieu atOmerClassesThraughthe usrs 7“ m
Free or Nominal Rate Dlslflbullan Outside the Mall
on NIH advisory committees and National Academies of mlmmmmmlm m m
Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine consensus committees Zeijieisiiiiguifl I d :1“ :9“
opesnn .5. u E
and as president of the ASA (2014-2015). mew ma 59“
”j":.".‘J’.3‘.‘i....-..W..,.._._._..o..s_......_,.._.....M.. 88-71% «-47%
I  nuisuuiiuiv Muir: vii-mimaui II in-Minn Vviiinu pvinwu D P-Mic-Iium-vi rwciiiimq
'5     MM-year)‘. :7:"::.:,....... Lu: W“ 111/ / 3'

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