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References ".""."'-“'ACOUSTICAI. SO(f]IE’I‘Y
o F A M E R I c A
Gordon-Salant, S., and Fitzgibbons, P. (1993). Temporal factors and speech _
recognition performance in young and elderly listeners. Inumal nf Speech A S A F O u n d a t I O n F U n d L a u n C h e S
and Hearing Research 36, 1276-1285. ' ' ' '
Gordon-Salant, S., and Fitzgibbons, P. (2001). Sources of age-related diffi- M a] O r F u n d ra I S I n g C a rn pa I g n
culty for time-compressed speech. Inumal nf Speech, Language, and Hear-
ing Research 44, 709-719. -
Gordon-Salant, S., Yeni-Komshian, G., and Fitzgibbons, P. (2008). The role  m  I 9 n  r  A
of temporal cues in word identification by younger and older adults: Effects E a  C a r e e r L e a d e r s h i
of sentence context. The Ioumal 0f the Acoustical Society of America 124, y p
3249-3260. . . .
Gordon-Salant, S., Yeni-Komshian, G. H., and Fitzgibbons, P. I. (2010). S u p p0 rt I n g th e N e Xt G en e ra tl O n of Lea d e rs
Recognition of accented English in quiet by younger norma.l-hear-
lflg listeners and elder listeners with normal hearing and hearing To further support the next generation of scientists
loss. The Inumal of the Acnustical Society nf America 128, 444-455. and dedicated leaders in acoustics and the ASA’ a
Gordon-Salant, S., Yeni-Komshian, G., Fitzgibbons, P., Willison, H., and ne_w fellowshlp program’ ASA Early Career Leader-
Freund, M. (2017). Perception of asynchronous auditory-visual speech Shlp Fellowsv has been developed The plan ls to
materials by younger and older listeners: A preliminary study. The Ioumal award lW0 fellowships an nually, each Oh the order
"flheAe0usfiml5"eiet)' "fAmerim142.151—159. of $5,000, to support activities that enhance the
Fellows’ leadership skills and/or potential within
their profession and within the ASA, as proposed
by the applicants themselves.
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