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Acoustical Society of America
Chapters: Form and Function
Kenneth W. Good, 11-. History
When the 416 charter members of the Acoustical Society of America (ASA) first
Address: , . “ ‘ . ,
. organized, their goal was to increase and diffuse the knowledge of acoustics and
Armstrong World Industries _ _ , _ ,, _
_ promote its practical applications (Schmid and Moran, 2006, p. 36). Few could
2500 Columbia Avenue _ _ _ _
_ have predicted the role the Society and its members or their scope of research
Lancaster, Pennsylvania 17603
USA would play over the next 89 years.
Email. After World War II, with membership and research in acoustics at an all-time high,
_ ' the ASA formed the “Regional Sections” Committee to address the growing inter-
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est of members to form local chapters. Nearly a decade later, in 1954, the Society
would enjoy three major moments in their history. The celebration of their 25th
lamb M. Mauck anniversary was marked by a banquet in l‘/lay that was attended by S27 members,
a record attendance for an event at that time (Firestone, 1954). During this same
Address: banquet, ASA founder Wallace Waterfall was named as the first recipient of the
Armstrong W01'1d Industries Gold Medal Award. To cap off an already exciting year, the Society saw a dramatic
2500 Colnmbia Avenue organizational change with the establishment of its first four local chapters.
Lancaster, Pennsylvania 17603
USA What Are Chapters?
Emm.l_ There are currently two types of chapters associated with ASA, regional and stu-
jmmauCk@armStmngceflmgS_com dent. These are included as “Administrative Committees” of the ASA. The current
chapters are listed in Table 1.
Table 1. List of Chapters
Student Chaters
_ Austin Texas Student Chapter
C3-9_°3d13 Ch3P'91' Brigham Young University Student Chapter
Chicago Chfipmr Columbia College Chicago Student Chapter
Greater B0510“ Chaim‘ Georgia Tech Student Chapter
L05 Angels‘ Chapter Northeastern University Chapter
Music City Chapter Ohio State Student Chapter
UPPGT Midwest Chaplel’ Penn State Student Chapter
F 1°fida Chapter Purdue University Student Chapter
Nmagaflsen Ch3P‘9T Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Philadelphia Regional Chapter Seattle Student Chapter
Washillgmfla DC Ch*1PT°T University of Cincinnati Student Chapter
N9?‘-11 Camlilla Chfllfier University of Hartford Student Chapter
N9"-h Texas Chain“ University of Kansas Student Chapter
Universi of Nebraska Student Chater
For more information on and links to the individual Acoustical Society of America
regional and student chapters, go to—chapter—locations.
Regional chapters were formed to meet the burgeoning needs of ASA members
and are primarily centered on supporting and representing practitioners in the
acoustical community. Although some chapters have a primary focus, such as
underwater or oceanography, each chapter represents a unique cross—sectional
demographic of the 13 technical committees, with many chapters having a wide
interdisciplinary makeup of technical committee members.
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