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ASA Chapters
TecIm1'calP1'0jects opportunities to advance the ASA’s Strategic Leadership for
Popular among student chapters, members participate in a the Future Plan. Chapters meet all four of the goals identi-
specific project or competition. This may include measure- fied at the Strategic Leadership for the Future Summit.
merits in an existing field of study or innovating for a unique _
Problem Awareness of Acoustics
I Chapters bring the science of acoustics home to the local
The R07-“er ColnPetltl°n level and provide an opportunity to engage businesses, orga-
Thanks to the generous suPPol’t of La“? and lulla R°Ystel'» 3 nizations, and colleagues of similar interest.
chapter-organized poster competition is run once a year, with
$5,000 in scholarship awards. It is open to full-time graduate Member Engagement .
students enrolled in a program involving acoustics or senior Through the numerous meetlngs and events) members can
undergraduate students expecting to enroll in such a program. lelnaln engaged loealll’ throughout the Year even lt ttavellng
Posters must relate to hearing conservation or noise control to a natlonal nleetlng ls not Posslhle-
to be eligible, with topics including education, sound surveys, D1.” elm.” afiofl oflnformafion and Knowledge
engmeerlng and admmlstratlve controls’ .hea‘"ng wtectlon’ Guest speakers, tours, and miniconferences further increase
and audiometric evaluations. For more information, please the Opportunity of members to share and learn about the
visit aC0usficstodahorg/r°ysterc°mP' science of acoustics and related fields.
Networking, Social and Fun _ , _
Of course, fun is part of any ASA event! Events like the Fmanclalstewet-ds_I11P _
. . , (K . ., . . Good stewardship is often mistaken for money not spent,
Philadelphia chapters Jazz at the Bistro, with good music, _ . _ _
. . . . . but true stewardship is money WELL spent. Investing in the
food, and friends, give members the opportunity to socialize _ _

. future of the acoustics commumty through student chapters
and get to know their colleagues. Student chapters also hold d _ _ , _ farm t _
numerous events throughout the school year, such as the an henfgafmg slSte_r0_rg_:_n1eatmns er Promo es meetmg
Georgia Tech (Atlanta) Student Chapter Spring Semester- eac 0 e Strategic ml lanveS'

End 5911111131‘ and BBQ 01‘ the P9I1I1SYlV3I1i3 State UDiVe1'5itY The local regional chapters provide excellent opportunities
MATLAB B°°te3nlP- for people with a wide range of interests in acoustics and
Each chapter can form fit to the requirements and abilities related helds to get together dullng the Yeah Each leglonal
of their members. With some chapters meeting each month ehaPtel' Provides an ldeal ehanee tel’ new members to lea-V n
and most quarterly, members gain exposure to numerous about the ASA and to Sam experlenee ln managlng the at‘
unique events, tours, and guest speakers. The sound mixture tans ot the SoeletY- The ehaptel s should enedurege not onlY
of business and social networking events ensure each partic- men'll’el'shlP ln the Soeletl’ hut attends-nee at regular meet‘
ipant has the opportunity to share and grow professionally lngs as Well-
and as members of the ASA.
Those wishing to start their own regional or student chapter References
should contact Sandra Guzman ( _ Th fifth . E] b _ Th
or  Good <> or check we re» F;'.:5::;°’.,F;.:f:::;....:.‘:::.;‘:,  .:
lowing website for details on the application, charter, and ap- httpst//bit_]Y/2ws70vw
proval process (acousticstodayorg/asachapters). Flynn, T., and Young, S. (2018). Student council of the Acousti-

cal Society of America. Acoustics Today 14(1), 63-66. Available at

. https://biLly/2MVP8ng.

chafttars and th_a Acatfstlcal Schmid, C., and Moran, E. (2006). Sevei'ity—five years of history of the
Saclaty of Arnarlca Vis'un Acoustical Society of America. Acoustics Today 2(4), 34-45. Available at
Regional and student chapters are one of the most powerful https://acousticstodayorg/issues/2006AT/Oct2006/#?page:36.
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