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 Figure 2. ASA member Sarah Marley holding the “Listen Up! and Get Involved!” patch. Inset: detail of the patch.
dards. When we consider how to improve the demonstra- tions, it is also critical to think about how we can support our volunteers in how to use the demonstrations.
Although many of the session volunteers are veteran dem- onstrators, just as many have never done science outreach or informal education or have not performed our specific set of demonstrations. As such, it would great to provide mini-in- formal education-training sessions for volunteers. This way,
everyone would have practice and experience with ASA- specific stations and even have a chance to move outside their comfort area by trying new demonstrations. One idea is to offer this training during every meeting between the daytime and evening outreach sessions. This could be open to all meeting attendees, not just our session volunteers. This way, we can send meeting attendees home with the ability to do acoustics outreach at their home institutions.
Ideas for the continued implementation and improvement of the acoustics outreach sessions will be discussed at up- coming WIAC meetings. We hope to continue finding ways to increase the efficacy of these outreach efforts to open the minds of youth to the amazing world of acoustics thanks to the wonderful support of ASA members.
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