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how ASA communicates and how it can do so more effectively. Hopefully, you will hear more on this in the coming months.
Teleconferences and remote meetings via the Internet are the way of today and the future. In the past, the EC only met at the ASA spring and fall meetings, but with the fast- changing dynamic of today, monthly teleconferences have been initiated between the Louisville and San Diego meet- ings and again between the San Diego and Chicago meetings. Mainly, the teleconferences are to keep the EC members up- to-date on the business of the Society. Although formal voting is not typical on teleconferences, discussions certainly can occur. This is a great way to ensure that the EC members are better prepared and informed when they vote at the face-to- face meetings.
Some other ASA committees and task forces may also want to have regular teleconferences or Internet meetings, although monthly meetings may not be needed. Some may simply want to have a teleconference or Internet meeting a month or so before the face-to-face meetings to be ready. Another advan- tage of such teleconferences is to be inclusive, particularly with ASA members who traditionally cannot, for whatever reason, make either the fall or spring meeting on a regular basis. There is a lot of untapped capacity for good sitting outside the ASA meetings, and we can include those ideas and energy if we are friendly toward and inclusive of ASA members who can’t travel.
ASA started out in 1929 with a great journal and train travel. I think we can do much better communicating in 2019 and beyond! Please let me know your thoughts via email (president@ If you want, we can set up a telephone call or an Internet meeting to discuss your ideas!
I do want to let you know about a very important milestone that was crossed in Louisville. David Feit, who has served as ASA Treasurer for the last 20 years, stepped down to make way for a new, elected treasurer with a 3-year term. We
honored David in Louisville, where he received the ASA Dis- tinguished Service Citation. But if you see David at another meeting, please join me in thanking him for his dedicated service to the ASA.
I am pleased to announce that our newly elected treasurer is Judy Dubno. She was president from 2014 to 2015 and has been
very active in the affairs of the Society over the last decade. We certainly want to wish Judy well with her new responsibilities!
The other results of our annual election are as follows: Diane Kewley-Port, president-elect; Stan Dosso, vice president-elect; and Bennett Brooks and Andrew Morrison, EC. Everyone on the EC is really looking forward to the contributions of these dynamic individuals!
From the Editor
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I was most excited because the AMNH is very close to my heart, having worked there in the Ichthyology Department as an undergraduate (and where I first was shown the ear of a fish, the structure that would ultimately become the focus of my research) and then having done my doctoral work in the AMNH Department of Animal Behavior.
In the third essay, ASA Education and Outreach Coordina- tor L. Keeta Jones continues with her discussions of various outreach efforts being made by the ASA, this time on the issue of noise awareness. Finally, the ASA continues to be an active participant in the International Science and Engi- neering Fair. The last essay by Inder Raj Makin describes the latest fair and the efforts that the ASA makes to recognize international high-school students for their research in vari- ous aspects of acoustics.
Finally, as mentioned many times before, if any reader has an idea for an article that might be of interest to the broad ASA audience, please contact me ( We also welcome ideas for essays on topics of direct relevance to the function of the ASA (as the essay by Keeta) or interesting activities of ASA members (as the essay by Kelly). Because I am often asked, we do not do essays on commercial products.
Students, get more involved with the ASA through our student council at:
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