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From the Editor in Chief | Iames Lynch
Thelournal aflhe Acoustical see major changes that will alfect ASA Publications. The first
Society of America and The is the plan of the Society to look carefully at possible new
Inurrml of the Acoustical technical areas of scholarship and interest to supplement
Society ofAmen'£n Express the areas that we already currently encompass. Keeping
Letters Update the Society up-to-date regarding technical foci is a must,
:3‘ — and we fully expect that this will be reflected in the techni-
’ "u I thank Acoustic Today (AT) cal area headings that will be found in our publications in
‘V FditorArthurPopperforasking future years.
\- me to contribute a brief update
about The Iournal of the Acoustical Society cy'Amz1ica ([ASA) A second topic was increasing the emphasis of the ASA on
and is special section [ASAEx;Dress Letters (IASA-EL) to supple- “practice” in addition to its academic component. Toward
ment the editorial that appeared in the March 2019 issue of [ASA this, we are already initiating a new section heading in [ASA
(see J0. 1121/1.5095-I17). One large function of the ASA (tentatively) called “Acoustic Standards and Practice,” where
Publications Program is to advertise the Acoustical Society of practice means the application(s) of acoustics as opposed to
America (ASA) and its activities, including our journals, pro- acoustical theory. We need the practice of acoustics to be
ceedings. and magazines. ATreaches a diflerent audience than represented in our journals, meetings, and other activities,
[ASA, and so this extra oommunicationwill help us reach a much and this new section heading is a first step as far as ASA Pub-
wider audience overall. lications is concerned. By the time you read this, a separate,
brief [ASA editorial should appear on this topic, authored by
Tnereis no need to reproduce the [ASA Editorial here because [ASA Editor in Chief James Lynch and Standards Director
it is freely available at the [ASA site. However, before reading Chris Struck.
the [ASA Editorial, 1 ask the reader for the patience to read
further for a minute or two and then circle back. Another direction being pursued that wasn't mentioned in
the [ASA Editorial is that we will be exchanging overview
The March [ASA Editorial had two main aims: (1) to give a articles with Chinese acoustics journals as a part of increas-
periodic progress report about what has transpired regarding ing our international outreach and presence. Chinese authors
[ASA and [ASA-EL over the past year and (2) to give the reader submit the second highest number of articles to [ASA after
an idea of some of the coming changes in ASA Publications. l US authors, and so China seems a very good starting point
will let the [ASA Editorial speak for itself on those topics but for this international initiative.
will also note that even iii the brief months since that editorial,
much has happened that will affect [ASA, and I mention those A final topic is the “changing of the guard” at the American
particular things here. Institute of Physics Publications (AIPP) regarding the jour-
nal manager for ASA Publications. For the past three years,
The second “Summit” meeting of the Societyin Tucson, AZ, in Dr. Frederick Kontur has been our AIPP point of contact
February 2019 (see From the President in this issue ofAT), fol- and did an absolutely fantastic job for us as well as being a
lowed by a smaller meetlngin Melville, NY, in April, were very pleasure with whom to work. Fred left the AIPP on April
noteworthy events because theywill be very influentialin chart- 19 for a job closer to his family in Pittsburgh, PA. and all of
ing the course for the Sodety and thus for ASA Publications. The us at ASA Publications wish him the best! Succeeding Fred
first Summit (in Austin, TX, in 2015) had a profound elfect on is Dr. Matthew Kershis. We welcome Matt aboard and look
ASA Publications (see References in the March editorial), and forward to working with him in the years to come.
the second Summit promises to do so as well.
l’ll leave things here but with one small further note. Please
Although the final reports vsmre not available when this was don't forget to read the March [ASA Editorial because there
written (April 25, 2019), there are (at least) two areas where we are some good bits in that as well!
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