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with these four primary goals, and then we will begin defin- any eflort or proactive initiatives. The strategic planning process
ing and implementing tactics to get this done. Your input and helps to guide howwe move forward, and I have confidence that
engagement is certainly welcome and needed for this next we will have as much success with the coming plan as we did
stage. What tactical ideas do you suggest toward achieving with the 2015 plan.

each of the above goals? As with the last strategic plan, we

anticipate holding an open “Strategic Champions” meeting Finally, by the time this issue of Acoustics Today is published,

at each of the biannual ASA meetings. Please join us at these my term as ASA president will have come to an end, and I will

sessions to help prioritize, implement, and review tactics have passed the presidential baton on to Victor Sparrow. I look
aimed at achieving these new goals. forward to remaining active in the Society, helping to achieve
its ideal future as an engaged member. 1 encourage all of you
If you do not regularly attend meetings, please do still send to become more engaged as well. Send your ideas on potential
your ideas and consider engaging in the strategic initiative tactics or participate actively on task forces and groups work-
task forces or ad hoc committees tasked with moving these ing toward these strategic initiatives! Visit the “Get Involved”
priority initiatives forward. These groups have typically met web page ( to learn more about how to
via teleconference between meetings, and I expect they will volunteer for other ASA administrative and technical commit-
continue to do so. I.fyou’re not sure how to become a member tees. Donate to the Campaign for ASA Early Career Leadership
of the task forces or ad hoc committees, please Contact me to support a new recognition and leadership development pro-
(l.ilywang@unl_edu) or any other Executive Council member, gram for early-career members (acousticlink/CAECL). Pm
and we will make sure to include you. looking forward to looking back with all of you in 10 years
when the ASA celebrates its centennial anniversary and feel-
The ASA is a great Society, but we must not become stagnant, ing proud about all that the ASA has accomplished in its first
 that we will remain great in the long term without 100 years and how it has positioned itselfwfll for the next 100.
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