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From the President | Lily Wang
. Planning for the Next Chap- was followed by a survey sent in October 2018 to all cur-
ter of the Acoustical Society rent and former ASA members and nonmembers who had
‘ . of America attended meetings in recent years. We received survey
responses from 2,635 persons, corresponding to a 36.4%
I I have otten referenced the response rate. Next, approximately 60 members spanning
- 2015 Acoustical Society of diverse technical areas, backgrounds, career paths, and
America (ASA) Strategic career stages (Figure 1) met in Tucson, AZ, in February
_ V Leadership for the Future 2019 for a focused Strategy Summit. This group reviewed
Plan ( in the gathered input, defined an ideal future for the ASA,
my From the President columns (acoustic.linkJAT~Sp19-PC; and brainstormed potential strategic initiatives that could
acousticlink/A‘I‘-W18-PC; acoustic.l.inlr/AT-F18-PC) when help us to achieve that vision.
discussing the progress we have made in the four goals out-
lined in that plan. In my opinion, it has been tremendously In April 2019, the ASA Executive Council and stafi convened
beneficial for the ASA to have that map of where we wanted at ASA headquarters in Melville, NY, to further prioritize the
to go sothat the leadership couldmake decisions that navigate strategic initiatives developed in Tucson. The four areas of
the Society toward those goals. Time has passed, and it’s now focus that the leadership synthesized from the gathered data,
almost 2020, so the ASA leadership team felt that it was time each of which is discussed below in detail, are
to revisit our priorities for the coming three to five years. Since (1) identification and promotion of emerging scientific
the fall of 2018, we have worked to define what the ASA should areas related to acoustics and its applications;
focus on next (2) better engagement with industry and practitioners
in acoustics;
We hired a firm to guide the strategic planning process, (3) improved communication, marketing, and public rela-
and they began by interviewing 30 key stakeholders in tions on the importance of acoustics; and
September 2018 from diverse backgrounds, employers, (4) continued member engagement, witha special focus on
and career stages, all of whom were ASA members. This those who do not regularly attend biannual meetings.
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Figure1.An‘erideer Bf the2019Stmtegic Summit in Tucson, AZ. Top mw:D. Bouizvirhith, D. Farrell, E Gizllun. 1. Lynch, 1. Crum,A. Iizramillo.
W. Murphy, V Sparrow, M. Buckingham, E. Renter, 1. Phillips, 1". Hoover. B. Moore, L. Kloepper. A. Piacszk, A. Mimismi. Raw 3: K. jam.
3. S:hultz~Fartkrmlp, M. vayziinder. Y. ]ing, s. Mamvada, c. Naif}; I Porter, B.Am1ersnn, w Coyle, s. Dassn. R Nahum, M. Hamilton, w.—/. Lee,
K. Gee. V.K£ppEns, M. Haberman. Row): A. Diedesch, 7'. lemme, C. Holland, S.FI1x. N. Bluir—DzLeurr, ‘[3 Bent. Bottom l'DW:A. Lee, I. Gbzdden.
M. Vigeunt, D. Kewle}/—Port, E. Bury. K. VViLrIm. R Gemimn. L. Wang 5. Snmmerfzhit. )3. Reader; 1. Miller, 1. Dubno, 1. EM D. Fair, P. Davies.
Z Colusi. Nut.rhown:M. Isaksrm, E. Moran, T. Smyth, C. Struck. P. Wiisim.
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