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Modeling Therapeutic Ultrasound
EleanorMnrl:ln is a tescanzb associate in
5 the Department of Medical Physics and . ‘
:4 Biomedical Engineering, University Col- ‘Ac-aust'c»s 1-Io 
. legeI.ondnn.audan:xpu-tmtdhasouud In the c|a5sr°on1'_7.
nmtrnlogy. Her current researda interests
'7? ‘' ifldudemudd Wlidfllmn “"3 ‘J15 4°-53%“ There are now over 250 articles on‘the‘AT web site
‘ and characterization of multielemgnt ( These articles can serve as
arrays for therapeutic ultrasound. supplemental material for readings in a wide range
of courses. ATinvites instructors and others to create
BenT.Coxisareaderind:eDepam-nent reading lists. Selected lists may be published in AT
of Medical physics and Binmcdgcd and/or placed in a special folder on the ATweb site
Engineering, University College London, to share with others.
Undexgxaduate Pwgramme Director of If you would like to submit such a list, please include:
Medical Physics’ and coauthor of the - Your name and affiliation (include email)
( ‘, k7waV‘ T°°lb"-x-' He mach” ukmm“-ad - The course name for which the list is designed
L l and biflmedical uytics. and his research (include university, department, course number)
interests are in ultrasound and photu- - A brief description of the course
acoustic  - A brief description ofthe purpose ofthe list
- Your list ofATarticies (a few from other ASA
publications may be included ifappropriate for your
course). Please embed links to the articles in your list.
Please send your lists to the ATeditor,

’ Arthur Popper (
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I 1 Apply For EAR Here: forms.glelWc4YVKXau28r1xrRA ‘i
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