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M ultlsenso ry Processes . A. o1.,.c...;....a Interpretation of
The Auditory Perspective Audiovisual Processing
Adrian K.C. Lee, Ross K. Maddox, and Iennifer K. Bizley
Editors: Adrian K. C. Lee, - Hearing in a “Moving" Visual World: Coordinate
., I , Mark T. Wallace, Allison B. Coffin, Transformations Along the Auditory Pathway
‘ - Arthur N. Popper, and Richard R. Fay Shawn M. Willett, Iennifer M. Groh, Ross K. Maddox
Mu It 1 gengoy y Series: Springer Handbook of - Multisensory Processing in the Auditory Cortex
Pr0(e}',Se5 Auditory Research Andrew 1. King, Amy Hammond-Kenny,
Copyright: 2019 Fernando R. Nodal
Publisher: Springer International - Audiovisual Integration in the Primate
Publishing Prefrontal Cortex
Copyright Holder: Springer Nature Bethany Plakke and Lizaheth M. Rornanski
Switzerland AG - Using Multisensory Integration to Understand Human
Hardcover: ISBN 978-3-030-10459-7 Auditory Cortex
Series ISSN: 0947-2657 Michael S. Beauchamp
Edition Number: 1 - Combining Voice and Face Content in the Primate
Number of Pages: XVI, 272 Temporal Lobe
Number of Illustrations and Tables: 21 b/w illustrations, Catherine Perrodin and Christopher I. Petkov
49 color illustrations - Neural Network Dynamics and Audiovisual Integration
Ibpics: Olorhinolaryngology Julian Keil and Daniel Senkowski
. Cross-Modal Learning in the Auditory System
- Presents a unique perspective on multisensory processing Patrick Bruns and Brigitte Riider
with an audiocentric focus - Multisensory Processing Diflerences in Individuals
. Captures some of the most exciting contemporary research with Autism Spectrum Disorder
being done at the intersection of the auditory and multi- Sarah H. Baum Miller and Mark T Wallace
sensory fields
- Exploresa rapidlychanging and expanding field of research About the Editors | Adrian K.C. Lee is associate professor
within thebroader domains ofpsychologyand neuroscience in the Department of Speech 8! Hearing Sciences and the
Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences at the University
Auditory behavior, perception, and cognition are all shaped of Washington, Seattle. Mark T. Wallace is the Louise
by information from other sensory systems. This volume B. McGavock Endowed Chair and Professor in the
examines this multisensory view of auditory function at levels Departments of Hearing and Speech Sciences, Psychiatry,
of analysis ranging from the single neuron to neuroimaging and Psychology and director of the Vanderbilt Brain
in human clinical populations. Institute at Vanderbilt University, Nashville. Allison B.
Cofiin is associate professor in the Department of Integrative
- Visual Influence on Auditory Perception Physiology and Neuroscience at Washington State University,
Adrian K.C. Lee and Mark 1'. Wallace Vancouver, WA. Arthur N. Popper is professor emeritus
. Cue Combination Within a Bayesian Framework and research professor in the Department of Biology at the
David Alais and David Burr University of Maryland, College Park. Richard R. Fay is
. Toward a Model of Auditory-Visual Speech Intelligibility Distinguished Research Professor of Psychology at Loyola
Ken W. Grant and Joshua G. W. Bernstein University, Chicago.
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