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Ronsse, 1.. M., and wang, 1.. M. (2013). Relationships between unoccupied gioskamhas
classroom acoustical conditions and elementary student achievement  
measured in eastern Nebraska. The Ioumizl of the Acuusticizl society of _ _ _ _
America 133, 1480-1495.https://doi.o1-g/10.1121/1.4789356. I-r““'a C- 3"“ iiiiegiaies her diverse iii"

Rosenberg, G. G., Blake-Rahter, P., Heavnel’, 1., Allen, L., Redmond, B. M., ' tellectual and artistic pursuits at Thresh-
Pliilljps, l.,andstigeis,1<. (1999). Improvingclassroom acoustics (ICA):A A old Acousfics in Chmgm ILA some of
three.year FM sound field classroom amplification study. Iuumnl afEdu- ,{ - I h ‘ . t . 1 d F
EfltI.unflIAudio1ngy 7, 8_z8_ 1 ~ Cf CLIITEH PTOJEC S IHC II C IEKIOVK [OHS

sato, 1-1., and Bradley, 1. s. (2009). Evaluation of acoustical conditions for ‘ to the Kennedy Center Concert Hall
speech communication in working elementary school claorooms. The ‘ ‘ in was},i,,gt.m_ Di: and The pereimm
7""'/T[')'Il‘;v'2  Swmy "1 Amefir” 113’ 10644077‘ mp“//d°i' Center, a new performing arts center at the World Trade
org . . . _ _ _ _

shield, 3., conetta, 11., Dockrell, 1., Connolly, 1)., cor. T., and Mydlarz, Center in NYC She hiiids a B5 in Physics and a BA in the-
C. (2015). A survey of acoustic conditions and noise levels in secondary ater arts from Nebraska Wesleyan University. She received
555001 elassiiiiiiiis iii Eiiglanilii The lniiriifli 0] ‘he AA”-""s"'W1 5"-55”)’ 9f her MS in architectural engineering from the University of
America 137,177-139. ttps:// oi.orgl10.1l2l/1.4904528. _ .

shield, 13., and Doclcrell, l. E. (2004). External and internal noise surveys of Nebraska L'“°°]“_‘ when she ms ‘he lead g”d““t° ““d_"‘“t
London primary schools. The Iournal of the Acoustical society n]Amerim researcher managing ihe large-scale iiieasiireineiii CainPai3ii
115, 730-739. of 220 K-12 classrooms.

shield, 15. M., and Dockrell, l. 15. (2003). The eifects oi noise on children at
school: A review. Journal of Building Acoustics 10, 97-115. . . . .
/10.1260/13510l00376fl965960. K'""_" Smnl‘ '5 °““"‘“”?' i’“'_5““‘3 he’

shield, 13. M., and Dockrell, 1. E. (2009). The effects or environmental and PhD In architectural engmeenng at the
classroom noise on the academic attainments or primary school children. 3 university of Nebgaska.Linm|n, wit}, a
The Iuurnal ojthe Acuusticizl society u]Amerim 123,133-144.https://doi. , focus on building acoumm She holds a
org/10.1121/1.2812596. ‘ , _ _ _

Stansfeld, s. A., Berglund, 13., Clark, c., Lopez-Barrio, 1., Fischer, P., b“‘h°1°” degree in Ciiiiiiiiercial iii“siC
(")hrstrom, 13., 1-laines, M. M., 1-lygge. 5., van Kamp, 1., and Berry, 13. . with minors in physics and mathemat-
F- (1005)- Aircraft and mad irafie noise and Ciiildreiis Ciigiiii-i°n and ics from Brigham Young University, Provo, UT. She is actively
health: A cross.national study. The Lancet 355, 1942-1949. https://doi. involved in her school Cha ms of ‘he Acoustic 31 Sade of
org/10.1015/s014u.s73s(i1s)ssssii.3. _ d th i’_ f _ 3 _

united Kingdom Department for Education and Skills. (2015). Building America (ASA) an e 5°CieiY 0 Wiiinen F-ngineers 5 e is
Bulletin 93: Acuustic Design of sdiaols: Performance Standards. The sta- the most recent recipient of the ASA Leo and Gabriella Be-

U“?m0m‘2 I"“d§“;ldjn Co _I (USGBC) (2013) LEED Re] ranek Scholarship in Architectural Acoustics and Noise Con-
ni e tates reen g unci . . erence .
Guide for Buihiing Design and construction (v4). US Green Building t‘°_1““d °“"'"‘tlY sfrves “5 ‘h°_ASA smdef“ °°““°‘1‘°i"°5"‘“'
Council, Washington, DC. tative on the Technical Committee on Noise.

valente, D. L., Plevinsky, 1-1. M., Franco, 1. M., Heinrichs.Graham, E. c.,
and Lewis, D. 1::..(2o1_2). Erperimental investigation or the eifects of the Lily M_ Wang is a Professor in me Dim
acoustical conditions in a simulated classroom on speech recogrution and _ _
learning in children. The hnonal afthe Acoustical society ofAnierica 131, or; hm‘ 5‘h°°' °f A"3h“eCi“ra1 Engineer-
232- 246. ;  ing and Construction and an associ-

V\(Iroble)wsk:fif, M., fLewis,bD. 12., valente, Ii 1.., and Stelmachowirz, P. Gd. ate dean in the College of Engmeering
2012 . E ects o rever emtion on spee recognition in stationary an . . _ .
modulated noise hyschool.aged children andyoungadu.lts.EizrizndHeizr- .. at the U_"“'°"“V °f I‘_1°b’j‘§k“ L“_‘°°]“'
1'ng33,731-744.>Dl3e3l825aecad. She reCeiVed her 35 iii Civil eiigiiieei“

Yang,w,and Bradley, 1. s. (2009). Eiiects ofroom acoustics on the intelligi- ing from Princeton University, N], and her PhD in acous-
bi]-iiY°isPeediin€1assr0niiisi°rY°“ii£dii1dien-7’irl0ii'"n10f‘l‘9A“"‘5“' tics from Pennsylvania State University, State College. Her
mISocietyofAmerim125,922-933. h f . f F d .

Yang, w., and 1-iodgson. M. (2005). Acoustical evaluation or preschool “Sea” °_‘““5 ‘’“_a ‘”’‘"V ‘’ ‘°°‘“ am“? ‘C 3'“ _“°‘5°
classrooms. Noise control Engineering Iimmal 53, 43-52. https://doi. C0ntr01i0PiCsi She is a Fellow Ofihe AC°“siiCa1 5°CieiY Of
°rE/1°-3397/1-2339244- _ America (ASA), a recipient of the ASA Hunt Postdoctoral

Yang’ .w" “."“ Hodgmn’ M". 000.6?" fiumfizmon Smdy of °P‘.mm.m "7"" Fellowship, R. Bruce Lindsay Award, and Student Council
heration times for speech intelligibility for normal and hearing.unpaired _ _ _ _
listeners inclassrooms with ditftise sound fields. The 7aurnaloftheAcausti. Meniiiring Amid and is CiirreniiY serving as ASA President
cal society ofArnerica 120, 801-807. (2018-2019).

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