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Learning tau Speak

problems that seem to extend into adolescence and adult- m€m_°f ifiw and “P 90"" 01 for 5P€€dI- /0'4"!“ "f5Pml'« L“"§"“§E. and

hood (Lewis et al., 2015). Motion capture measurement is H”""3 Rmmh ‘ls’ “'79” g g _ g _

_ t b 1 _ _ _  d (  t 1 Green,  R., and Nip, 1. B. (2010). Some organizational principles in early
PIOVUIS 0 9 9"‘ 9 P"°m|5m8 1“ 15 '98“ ‘*8-> ‘ 9 3 ~v speech developrnent. Ln B. Maassen andP.vanLieshout (Eds.),Speech Ma.
2014), and ongoing work seeks to combine these measures for Control: New Developments in Basic and Applied Research. Oxford Uni-
with candidate genetic and hormonal biomarkers (Anthoni "wk? Press. Qxford, UK.flPP- 171-139- J d d
et al., 2012) to predict which preschool children with speech Green‘ 1' P" Nip’ 1' S" W Son‘  M"  6.‘ ’ A" 5." an Yunusova’ Y"

(2010). Lip movement exaggeiations during infant-d.irected speech. [our-

sound disorders continue to be affected in later childhood. ,,,,1(,y5Pm;,l L,,,,g,,,,g,_ and H_.3,,,;,,gRm,,,,;, 53(5), 1519.154;

To be sure, because of the highly individualized trajectories K11hl,P K.»And.ruski,I. E.,Chistovich,1.A.,Chistovich, L. A.,Kozhevniko-

that children follow on the road to mature speech produc-  RY‘klj’“" V L" S;’lVf*'°‘;"* I;_S““d_l"e‘:3' 1U" "ml ]‘“§:'d”‘ 

tion, large datasets and advanced subgroup discovery algo- to  0 P on K “m S in mguage :4 rem
rithms will be key to illuminating what characterizes typical Kuhl, P. K., Conboy, B. T., Padden, D., Nelson, 1‘., and Pruitt, I. (2005). Early
and pathological developmental trajectories and how best to 51999511 Fem?‘-‘OH and 1319' language d€V€1°Pm€m= 1mP1iC3'-‘W5 ‘Of the
. . “critical period." Language Learning and Development 1(3.4), 237.254.
remedlaie speech sound disorders when they occun Lecanuet»  P., and Scliaal, B. (1996). Fetal sensory competencies. European
Ioumizl ufOl1stet1iu 6 Gynecology and Reproductive Biology 68, 1.23.
Lewis, B. A., Freebaim. L., Tag, 1., Ciesla. A. A., Iyengar, s.,K., stein, C. M.,

F|Bf8"Bn¢=9B and Taylor, H. G., (2015). Adolescent outcomes of children with early

speech sound disorders with and without language impairment. American

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(2012).The aromatase gene CYP19A1: Seveial genetic and iunctionallines between infant: production experience and their processing of speech.
of evidence supporting a role in reading, speech and language. Behavior Language Learning and Development 10, 179.204.

Genetici 42, 509-527. McAllister Byun» T. M., lnkelas» S.» and Rose» Y. (2016). The A-map model:

Best, c. c., and McRoberts, G. w. (2003). Infant perception of non.native Articulatory reliability in child-specific phonology. Language 92, 141.173.
oonsonant contiasts that adults assimilate in different ways. Language and

Speech 46, 183-216. Meltzoff, A. N.» and Moore, M. K. (1977). Imitation of facial and manual

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for speech delay oi unknown origin in 3-year-old children. child DeveIop- ogy in speech development: Perceptual targets and sensorimotor maps
ment 74, 345.357. for synthesized French vowels from birth to adulthood. Iuarnal o]Speech.

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fects on early language acquisition. Current Directions in Pg/chulogici1lSci- Slfaaliidullaili» S., and Heppfr» P. G. (1994). Frequency discrimination by the
ence 24, 339-344. e'tus.Ei1 y Human Deve upment 36» 13-26.

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tion. Ilmrnal o]Speech, Language, and Hearing Research 43, 239.255. Resea 37, 1100.1125.

Green, 1. R., Moore» c. A., and Reilly, K. 1. (2002). The sequential develop. smith. A. (2005). speech motor development: liitegrdtirig muscles, movements,

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