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Volume 15 | Issue 2 | Summer 2019
AGO S13 ' GS
 1’ A Publication of the Acoustical Society of America
5 From the Editor
1 From the President
in From the Editor In chief
F931”.-ed A.-miss sa Netwocking Up - Trasiamie B. lvellszn,
Lauren M. Rurlsse, anal I Christina zhaa
1 1 Mechanical Speech synthesis in Early
Talking Antuniata — Gordan /. Ramsay 51 Administrative Committee Report: Panel on
Early attempts at synthesizing speech using mechanical Public Policy — Edward I. Walsh
models of the vocal tract prefigure modem embodied
theories of speech pmduction. Department,
:0 Satisfying Hunger, Thirst. and Acoustic Comfort ., Fomdimn Report _ ,u,,,,5 H MW,
in Restaurants, Diners, and Bus... is This
an Oxymoron? — Kenneth R Roy and Keely Siebzirl II Obituaries
we all go to these places. but how can we ensuie that the Richard H. Lyon | 19294019
acoustic environment will he conducive to our needs? wane, H_ Munk | 19174019
as The Peculiar Acoustics of Rocks — James A. TzrlCntz Rab:rtDum'sI Sorkirl | 1937—2o1s
and Martel Remilliziix ,4 Back Rmew
5“'P"5‘!“='v‘Y» uhdgrmfldinfi hm" 5°““d behaves in F051“ Speech: A Dynamic Process — Rene’ cane’, Pierre Divznyi.
is not very well-known. Mahlmmd Mmy(m-
as From Biology to Bytes: Predicting the Path of Review by Steven Greenherg
Ultras-“Ind WW5 Through the Human 5-My - as ASA Press Book Announcements
Bradley 19- Trzzhx liri lums. Eleanar Martin. Multjseusory Processes A Alirinrl 1<.c. Lee, Mark wallase,
""4 33" T CW Allison Caflirl, Anharlv. pepper, and Richard R. Fay
C°“‘P“‘" 5i“‘“’“‘i°“‘ "E i“‘”“‘“31V “ml “’ 5“‘d* waves with Power—Law Attenuation — Sverre Hnlm
ultiasnund therapies, but what makes a good model and _ _ _ _
when can WE mm them; 6! Classifieds, Businesi Directory, Advei-users Index
0 nd Pars ecti es
S u D V About The Cover
45 Ask an Acnustician — sam H. Ridgwuy
“""M“"”“’ L D“ m  "I“/§echani'znI"S:eL'Grh.'91yntheIi:: in Burg.
oi 'l‘aldng the Leap und getting lnvulved us astuelent  a,:,H':f,K’;;:T$jh¢fi,,g'é’,;,’;fL ,x;f,',7fi,, ,.,f
In the Amllsllcal SWIEW 0‘ Amen“ ~ K111! Burk!-’ Paris in 1733. Illlulruliarl reproduczlifram the
and William I. Daehler 3-_ Bibliothéqim Natl'arlale,Pl1rl's, Fmrlre, with
4::-‘ pemilsslah. Cvpyright lsihllazliique Nzztiimalz,
5 ‘I It Is Our Responsibility to Teach Science 1;’: Paris. Gullim. ark:/12148/btv1b8410437r.
Communication to Students — Laura N. Klozpper ;’ 6 
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