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Sound Taking the Leap and Getting Involved
P°”“’°°""°‘ as a Student in the Acoustical Society
of America
Kali Burke Are you an undergraduate or graduate student with an interest in any aspect of acous-
Addmss: tics? Are you a graduate student who has attended a meeting of the Acoustical Society
Depanmmt “Psychology of America (ASA)? Perhaps you are an investigator interested in learning about the
Univemw at Buflalo opportunities within the ASA available to your students? In this essay, we will outline
sme University of New York (SUNY) numerous ways to get involved in the ASA as a student.
Buffalo, New York 14260
USA The whole process of navigating scientific societies such as the ASA can sometimes
_ seem daunting and overwhelming for students, especially first-time conference
_ Emml: attendees. You may have spent months or years preparing your research for a poster
ka]"b“rk@b“flilD'ed“ or presentation, and you are feeling nervous The nervousness can aifect the amount of
time you spend planning your schedule to optimize your conference experience from
William I. Doebler both academic and networking perspectives Travel funding can be difficult to obtain
Adams: as a student researcher, adding to your stress levels.
Graduate Program in Acoustics
The Pennsylvania Sm: University What you will quickly discover, however, is that the ASA welcomes, supports, and
Universny Park Pennsylvania 15802 values student members and does all that it can to make student participation at the
USA meetings a really meaningful and valuable experience. Just to start, student members
_ of the ASA can apply for travel subsidies and grants to alleviate some of the financial
Emml: burden. These subsidies are designed to allow students to extend their conference
wfd5057@Ps“‘ed“ attendance from the one day they present their research to several days or even the
entire week. More time at the conference means more time learning from and inur-
acting with experts in your field of acoustics. As a student member of the ASA, you
are also eligible for its many scholarships and fellowships. Furthermore, if you will be
presenting your research at the conference, you can opt to be considered for the Best
Student Paper competitions, which include cash prizes. More information about all
of these opportunities are available on the ASA student web page (
At the fall and spring meetings of the ASA, there are several student activities geared
toward meeting new people and learning more about the Society. The first afternoon
at each conference is packed with activities for students. First, there is an orientation
presentation, which highlights the events and opportunities available specifically for
students at the conference. Immediately following the presentation, all students are
invited to attend the Student Meet and Greet for hors d'oeuvres, to mingle with other
students in acoustics, and to pick up the exclusive ASA Student swag item such as head-
phones or a mug. The evening concludes with the Student Outing, another opportunity
for peer-to-peer networking and carnaraderie at a local gastropub.
The second and fourth evenings of the conference feature more food and network-
ing opportunities at the ASA Social Hour where students can mingle with more
senior members and develop networking opportunities The third evening features
the Students Reception, which is yet another networking event that brings students
and potential employers together, This event also features food and drinkin a relaxed
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