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atmosphere as well as a raffle to attend the Society Luncheon acoustidans in your area. A  of these chapters is available
and Lecture. For more information about student activities at at
the meeting see Flynn and Young (2018) in a previous issue of
Acoustics Today. Other ways to engage with the Society as amember are by read-
ing issues of Acmurics Today and Physic Today, both of which
Another amazing program that students can sign up for is are included as part ofyour ASA membership. Articlesinthese
Students Meet Members for Lunch. This program matches a magazines are typically written by established investigators who
student and an ASA member with similar interests so they can describe their research in an approachable manner. You can
get to know each other over lunch. These events are describedin also subscribe to the Acoustics list-serv to get updates on the
more detail by Blackstock (2015) in aprevious issue of Acoustics most recent articles published in The Iaumal of the Acoustical
Today. Be sure to follow the ASA Student Council on Twitter Society 0fAmerica.
and Facebook (@ASAStud.ents) for updates on these events and
other news. if you are in an earlier stage of your career, perhaps an
undergraduate or a student in a master's program looking
The Technical Committee (TC) meetings also provide excellent for doctoral programs in acoustics, you can check out the
opportunities to learn about news from previous ASA meetings ExploreSound site ( as a way to search
(e.g., award winners from the Best Student Papercompetitions) for programs that might fit your graduate study interests.
as well as learning about other symposia or workshops that may Exploresound is not just a site for early-career students, how-
be relevant to your TC. It is also useful to atmnd the TC meet- ever; it is also a site that can help senior doctoral students find
ings adjacent to your primary research interests to get to know postdoctoral opportunities. This site is also useful for anyone
other acousticians and form cross-TC collaborations. looking for collaborations.
There are other events, some of which require the purchase of The networking opportunities available to students through the
a ticket, which provide excellent opportunities to meet experts ASA can help you to develop better research questions, learn
in your field. The Women in Acoustics Roundtable Discussion about the most recent research inyour field, find a postdoctoral
and Luncheon are two opportunities for men and vwmen inter- position or future job opportunity, and hopefully help lead to
ested in any area of acoustics to speak with successful women a fruitful career in acoustics. For more information about net-
who have paved the path for other women (more by Ronsse working, see the essay by Neilsen, Ronsee, and Zhao in this
and Neilsen [2017] in a previous issue of Acoustics Today). The issue of Acoustics Today.
Society Luncheon hosted by the College of Fellows is another
opportunity to have lunch with a Fellow in your TC and ask in summary, there are a number of ways for students to get
them questions about any stage of your academic or industIy- involved in the ASA. Please consider becoming a student
based career. The Fellows are generally more senior members member. Graduate students receive a discounted rate for mem-
of the ASA who have made significant contributions to their bership fees; they can get print copies of the program mailed
discipline and can share a lot of information about the field. before the conference, if requested (to help with planning out
your weekly schedule in advance), and automatically get access
Another opportunity to keep an eye out for is one of the smaller to the online resources of the Society Membership is also the
satellite meetings, often sponsored by the ASA and usually asso- best way to get updated on things like job postings, future sym-
ciated with one or two TCs and focusing on one main area posia, and other ways to engage with the Society.
of acoustics. For example, the 4th Acoustic Communication
by Animals Symposium was held in Omaha, NE, at the Henry Take the first steps to getting involved in the ASA and reach
Doorly Zoo in 2017. Another example is the Physical Acoustics out to your Student Council representative. Members of
Summer School hosted bythe University of Mississippi, Oxford. the Student Council are friendly graduate students who are
Ask members at your TC meeting if there are any upcoming informed about all of the upcoming events within the Society.
sy'mposia that might be of interest (or attend the TC meeting Should you become a member, you can also apply to become
at the next conference). Regional or student chapters of ASA a Student Council representative for your TC. Putting forth
(discussed by Good and Mauck [2018] in a previous issue of the eflort and getting involved as a student in the ASA will
Acoustics Tbday) are another great way to connect with local develop strategies for a successful career in your field.
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