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 Richard Raspet
National Center for Physical Acoustics University of Mississippi
University, Mississippi 38677, USA
Richard Raspet is a professor emeritus
in physics and astronomy and a prin- ciple scientist at the National Center for Physical Acoustics, University, Mississippi. He was a physicist at the US Army Construction Engineering Research Laboratory, Champaign,
Illinois, from 1978 to 1987 before joining the faculty at the University of Mississippi. His research has included theoreti- cal and experimental investigations of atmospheric sound propagation, effects of turbulence and ground impedance on explosions and sonic booms, sound interaction with porous media, inert gas-condensing vapor thermoacous- tics and the theory and reduction of wind noise. Current research topics are optimization of MEMS microphones and wind noise coupling into the ground.
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Carl R. Hart
US Army Engineer Research and Development Center
72 Lyme Road
Hanover, New Hampshire 03755, USA
Carl R. Hart is a research physical scientist with the US Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC) in Hanover, New Hampshire. He received a PhD in architectural engineering from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2014. Prior to his current position, he was a postdoctoral fellow with the US Army ERDC. His research interests include outdoor sound propagation, machine learning, turbulence, and nonlin- ear acoustics. He is a reviewer for The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America and an associate member of the Acoustical Society of America.
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