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                  Fig. 9. Major internal components of the phase-shift electronics.
a programmable interconnection mesh which is used to con- figure the device. The designer turns this uncommitted func- tionality into a particular device by specifying the system’s behavior in a high-level language; the two most popular hardware specification languages are Very High Speed
Integrated Circuits Hardware Description Language (VHDL) and Verilog. The high-level specification is fed to a vendor’s proprietary compiler which generates a detailed interconnec- tion map. The map is applied by the FPGA at power-up and produces a device with the desired behavior.
  26 Acoustics Today, January 2013
Fig. 10. Twenty-four commercial tweeters mounted in a Delrin sheet and fixed to a tripod. To the left is a cart carrying the amplifiers (top, one for each channel) and the FPG’s (below). We used a patch-panel to connect the amplifiers and tweeters to make it easy to swap.

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