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Editor Auuustical Society uf Arnie.-iisa
Arthur N. Popper | Lily M. Wang, President
scott D. soinmerfeldt, Vice President

A“°'=i“9 E'="‘"=" victor w. sparrow, President—EIect

Micheal L De!“ I mdEm@b“5a1°-Ed“ Peggy B. Nelson, Vice Presiderit—EIect

sonic nieviiew Eciieier D“".id Fen’ T”“"‘"” .

pm? L Mama“ I mamon@wsu_ed“ Christopher I. struck, standards Director

susan E. Fox, Executive Director

ASA Publications Staff

Mary Guillemette | marygui].lemene@acous(icstodayorg AS?“ WE” °"""'°"'"9"" Om”

Helen wall Murray | Dam] Fme" I df“‘“H@“°°““‘“_‘°d“"'°'g

Km Sewer I ksflzer@aCo“S“Ca1sOCmymg Visit the online edition of Acoustics Today at Acous(
Helen A. Popper, AT Copycditor | :;.:.'..'.;;_»:,_‘

Auiausciua Tuday irittiei-ri 

Gabrielle E. O'Brien | '-::;.‘:::.

""".\(ZU[:i’I'|l7.-\I. S()(ZIl-Z’l'\'

ASA Editur In Chief " "

James F. Lynch Publications oflice

Allan D. Pierce, Emeritus P.O. Box 809, Mashpee, MA 02549

(508) 534-8645

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Aeuustieal Society uf America

The Acoustical society of America was founded in 1929 “to increase and diffuse the knowledge of acoustics and to promote its practical
applications." Information about the society can be found on the Lnternet site:

The society has approximately 7,000 members, distributed worldwide, with over 30% living outside the United states.

Membership includes a variety ofbenefits, a list of which can be found at the website:

All members receive online access to the entire contents of the /ournal ofAcousti'cal society ofAmerica from 1929 to the present. New
members are welcome, and several grades ofmembership, including low rates for students and for persons living in developing countries,
are possible. Instructions for applying can be found at the Lnternet site above.

Acoustics Today (isslv 155747215, coden ATCDDK) Fall 2013, volunie 14, issue 3, is published quarterly by the Acoustical society afcimznca, suite 3oa,13u5 Walt
Whitman Rd., Melville. NY 117474300. periodicals Postage rates are paid at Huntington station, NY. mid additional mailingaficu. POSTMASTER. send address changes to
Acoustics Today, Acoustical society afAmerlm, suite 300, 1305 watt Whitman Rd., Melville, NY u74743uu. copyright 2013, Acoustical society ofAmzvi't:a.. All rights
reservm. single copier o/individual articles may be made /or private use or research. Authorization is given to copy articles beyond the use permitted by sections 107 and we of
the us CopyrightLaw. To reproduce content fiam this publication, please obtain permission from copyright clearance Center, Inc, 222 Rosewood Drive, Danvers, MA 01923,
USA via their website www.wpyvi'ght.t:om, or contact theni at (978)—75£H?40£7. Persons desiring to photocopy materials for classroom use should contact the ccc Academic
permissions service Authorization does not extend to systematic or multiple reproduction, to copying for promotional purposes, to electronic storage or distribution, or to re—
publication in my/orni. in all such cases, specific written permission from the Acoustical society ofAmzrxLiz must be obtained. permission is granted toquote from Acoustics
Today with the customary acknowledgment ofthe souree To reprint afigure, table, or other excerpt requires the consent afarie ofthe authors mid notification to ASA Addms
requests to AIPP ofiice o/Rights and permissions, suite 300.1305 walt whitman kit, Mzlvillti NY 117474300 ,~1~‘ait (516) 5754450; Telephone (516) 5754268, Email Ari electronic version ofACOus[i£S Today is also available online. viewing and downloading izrtxzlesfiam the oniine site is free to all me articles may not
be alterm from their original printing and pages that include advertising may not be modifim. Articles may not be reprinted or translatm into another language mid reprinted
without prior approval from the Acoustical society afAmzrxLiz as indicatm above.

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