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From the Editor | Arthur N. Popper
 s  _ .-  3 This is a special issue of Acous- ing. I.n this article, Alexandra Loubeau and Juliet Page raise
» 1 ‘ R  I tics Today (AT) because it is the issue of human perception of sonic booms, with a focus
l!‘ A _ the first issue ever to have ar- on how to lessen these sounds to allow for future commer-
J ticles where all of the senior cial supersonic flight. This is followed by article by Christina
authors are women. Of course, Naify, Michael Haberman, Matthew Guild, and Caleb Sieck.
« 7 ~ ' many past articles in AT have The article takes a fascinating look at leaky wave antennas
had women authors. But as I started to put this issue togeth- and how they can be used in direction finding and disper-
er, I realized that all the authors who I had invited to write sion of signals.
a_n article up to_lhat Pom‘ were women And‘ At the §a"_m Next, Iennell Vick discusses development of speech in young
tune, I was starting to get to know the Women in Acoustics Children‘ Jame” “sin .d f [an “a 2 develo mam in
. . . . v S V‘ 9°‘ ° 8 S I7
(WIA) C0m_mmee and developing a great apljreclatwn for her daughters, shares insights that should be of interest
the substantial value they bring to the Acoustical Society of to an one who has been amazed as how Children develo
America (ASA). Y . . . P
speech. This is followed by an article by Kathleen Wage that
I then realized that this issue was well on the way to celebrat- takes us back to the idea of array processing but with an ap-
ing women in the ASA, and so with the guidance of several proach that uses the fewest possible sensors. In the last ar-
ASA woman leaders, I invited a number of other women to ticle, Lisa Zurk explores ways in which signal processing to
write articles to fill out the issue. At about the same time, I improve the classification of underwater sound sources in
met one of the founders of the WI.A Committee, Alex Tol- environments in which sound propagation is complex.
stoy‘ and discovered am‘ She‘ as A “retiree? had become an We continue with our Sound Perspectives essays with a piece
outstanding watercolorist (atolstoyartcom). I persuaded in «Ask an Acousfician» abom anmher woman member of
Alex mmugh’ in mnh’ Persuasion was no‘ hard) to do ‘he the ASA, Brigitte Schulte-Fortkamp. Brigitte has been ac-
wonderful cover celebrating women in acoustics that graces five in ‘he ASA for many years and Cominues to make Com
fins “sue” tributions to ASA international programs. Her research on
This issue starts with an article by former ASA president 5°'1nd5C3P95 ha-5 been featured in 3 n“mb"“' 0f P35‘ AT 3"
Marcia Isakson and w]_A founder Alex T0]_;my_ Marcia and ticles, and I found it really interesting to learn more about
Alex share brief interviews with a number of ASA woman Bflgmels C3"“"‘
members who discuss some of the issues these women have If you have ever wondered how our semiannual meefings
deal‘ with 35 ‘hey l7“’5“ed ‘hell’ camel's‘ I mink eV"Y°“e were organized, we have an essay from the Committee on
Wm find “"59 Vignettes fa5d“am‘§- some 3“ mm" dis" Meetings that gives really useful and interesting insights.
tmbingv hm 35 Marc“ and Alex move forward in lime in the Anyone thinking about organizing a future meeting for ASA
article, perhaps we see hope that impediments to the success should absolmely read this essay
of women may be lessening.
Noise Awareness Day is the topic of this issue’s essay by L.
Th“ Piece is the“ f°l1°Wed by 3 “'5 °f ’eS“l“-V AT “-mCle5- We Keeta Iones, the ASA Education and Outreach Coordinator.
st“-rt Wm‘ 3“ article ‘hm 5h°“1d lmerest every ASA ‘“em' The fi.nal essay comes from the ASA Student Council where
591' With Children (M Smndchfldfen) bY L“““‘ B“-ll» Klemn they share thoughts about career development from several
Smith, and current ASA president Lily Wang. In their ar- ear1y_Ca_reer aCo“§fidm§_
ticle, the authors discuss the acoustics of classrooms and the _ _ _
approaches being explored to make this very important en- I want lo lake thls oplwrmmty express my grémllde lo the
vmmmem a more effective [gaming space‘ ASA members who have served on the AT Editorial Board.
The ASA leadership has agreed that we have a somewhat dif-
The next article also covers a topic that is of interest to any- ferent approach in providing advice and guidance for AT in
one who travels and perhaps mostly to those who will take the future. This approach will allow me to have a set of infor-
the long trip to Sydney for the next ASA international meet- Continued on page 9
s | Annullzlnl T:i:Iay| hiizois

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