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The first article in this issue of Acoustics Today (AT) is by Jamilla Balint, Marco Berzborn, Mélanie Nolan, and Michael Vorländer. The authors write about sound absorption in different types of rooms and discuss the issues that make measuring sound absorption under different conditions a very substantial challenge. They also discuss the quite interesting history of measurements of sound absorption, starting when investigators had a person sitting in a room listening to the sound.

In our second article, Ewa Jacewicz, Joshua M. Alexander, and Robert A. Fox consider the range of frequencies needed for human speech. Although we tend to think of human speech as requiring sounds up to perhaps 5 kHz, the authors focus on higher frequencies and demonstrate that they add great value to speech comprehension

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Volume 19, Issue 3, Fall 2023

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From the Editor Arthur N. Popper
From the PresidentStan Dosso

Featured Articles

Measuring Sound Absorption- The Hundred-Year Debate on the Reverberation Chamber Method – Jamilla Balint, Marco Berzborn, Mélanie Nolan, and Michael Vorländer
Extended High Frequency in Hearing and Speech – Ewa Jacewicz, Joshua M. Alexander, and Robert A. Fox
Incisionless Brain Surgery- Overcoming the Skull with Focused UltrasoundMeaghan A. O’Reilly
Move Me with Your Sound – Acoustic Streaming, Its Manifestations, and Some of Its UsesRaghu Raghavan and George Hrabovsky
Conservation Bioacoustics- Listening to the Heartbeat of the EarthAaron N. Rice, Marissa L. Garcia, Laurel B. Symes, and Holger Klinck
A Century of Acousto-Optics- From Early Discoveries to Modern Sensing of Sound with LightSamuel A. Verburg, Kenji Ishikawa, Efren Fernandez-Grande, and Yasuhiro Oikawa

Sound Perspectives

Recent Acoustical Society of America Awards and Prizes
Conversation with a Colleague- Jennifer CooperJennifer Cooper
POMA, An Underutilized OpportunityMegan S. Ballard, Kent L. Gee, and Helen Wall Murray 
STEM Substitute Teaching- Making a Contribution After Retirement?Steven L. Garrett – Acoustics Education for Everyone L. Keeta Jones
High-Schoolers Receive ASA Awards at the 2023 International Science and Engineering FairAbbey L. Thomas and Peter F. Assmann


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