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I want to thank the 758 Acoustical Society of America (ASA) members who responded to the recent Acoustics Today (AT) survey. As promised in the survey, we awarded $50 gift cards (using an online random number generator) to fi ve ASA members. Th ey are David Bonnett, Raymond H. Dye, Gordon Ebbitt, Zhe-chen Guo, and Guillermo Rus. The results from the survey are discussed on page 84 of this issue.

This issue contains a very important statement about the ASA and future meetings by President Diane Kewley- Port. Although I realize (from the survey) that only about 60% of members read the From the President column (and perhaps 70% read this column), I would like to encourage every member to see Diane’s column.

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ASA Statement on Racism and Injustice

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Volume 16 | Issue 3 Fall 2020

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From the Editor

From the President

Featured Articles

An Introduction to Speech Privacy: Can You Hear Me Now? – Kenneth W. Good Jr. and Neil A. Shaw

Public Exposure to Airborne Ultrasound and Very High Frequency Sound – Timothy G. Leighton, Ben Lineton, Craig Dolder, and Mark D. Fletcher

Middle Ear Biomechanics: Smooth Sailing – Sunil Puria

Emerging Clinical Applications of Point-of-Care Ultrasonography in Newborn Infants – J. Lauren Ruoss, Catalina Bazacliu, Daphna Yasova Barbeau, and Philip Levy

Sounding Southern: Identities Expressed Through Language – Irina Shport and Wendy Herd

Dick Fay and Goldfish – William A. Yost, Anthony D. Hawkins, and Arthur N. Popper

How Early Music Training Changes the Brain – T. Christina Zhao and Patricia K. Kuhl

Sound Perspectives

Awards and Prizes Announcement

Ask an Acoustician: D. Keith Wilson– D. Keith Wilson and Micheal L. Dent

Meet the ASA Publications Staff – Liz Bury, Saana McDaniel, Helen Wall Murray, Kelly Quigley, Kat Setzer, and Malené Walters

Vantage: A Report on the Acoustical Society Foundation Fund – James H. Miller

Communicating Your Research to Journalists (and Your Relatives) – Andy Piacsek

The Acoustics Today Reader Survey – Kat Setzer


Obituary – Evgenia Andreevna Zabolotskaya | 1935–2020

ASA Press Announcements

ASA School 2021