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Acoustics Today Collections I am pleased to announce a new webbased initiative that provides access to past articles from Acoustics Today (AT) on specific topics. This initiative, “AT Collections” (available at, is for anyone who wants to learn about various topics in acoustics.

Although we envision “AT Collections” as particularly useful for supplemental reading for classes in college or graduate school, we anticipate that “AT Collections” will also be invaluable for anyone else wanting to learn about a particular topic. Indeed, for those of my generation, the “model” we have in mind are the course packets of offprints from articles in Scientific American that we used in various college and graduate school classes.

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Volume 17 | Issue 3, Fall 2021

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Featured Articles

Topological Acoustics – Andrea Alù, Chiara Daraio, Pierre A. Deymier, and Massimo Ruzzene

One-Hundred Years of English-Language Acoustics Textbooks – Steven L. Garrett

How Room Acoustics Design of Worship Spaces Is Shaped by Worship Styles and Priorities – David W. Kahn

Why Was Your Hearing Tested:Two Centuries of Progress – Robert Ruben

David M. Green and Psychoacoustics – William A. Yost, Roy D. Patterson, and Lawrence L. Feth

The Physical Aspects of Vocal Health – Zhaoyan Zhang

Sound Perspectives

Awards and Prizes Announcement

Ask an Acoustician:  Kathleen J. Vigness-Raposa and Micheal L. Dent

The ASA at the International Science and Engineering Fair – Laurie Heller

Disability Invisibility in Academia: How to Support Disabled People in Research and Beyond – Ira Kraemer and Elizabeth Kolberg

Administrative Committee Report: Committee on Medals and Awards – Brenda L. Lonsbury-Martin

Vantage: A Report on the Acoustical Society Foundation – James H. Miller

My Acoustics Library – Neil A. Shaw


Letters to the Editor


David Theobald Blackstock, 1930–2021

Irwin Pollack, 1925–2021