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Summer Issue 

This issue of Acoustics Today (AT) has a “From the President” column and three “Sound Perspectives” essays that discuss how the COVID pandemic has affected members of the Acoustical Society of America (ASA) and the Society itself. In her last column as ASA president, Diane Kewley-Port discusses what must be the most stressful and “different” presidency in the history of the ASA because it required navigating the pandemic and keeping the Society functioning and serving its members. Diane, in her piece, talks about these issues and how the ASA met numerous challenges.

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Volume 17 | Issue 2, Summer 2021

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From the Editor
From the President

Featured Articles

“Put a Sock in It!” Mutes for Musical Horns – Murray Campbell, Jo.l Gilbert, and Arnold Myers
Language Endangerment Threatens Phonetic Diversity – Ettien Koffi
Inaudible Noise Pollution of the Invertebrate World – Maggie Raboin
Twenty-Thousand Leagues Under the Sea: Recording Earthquakes with Autonomous Floats – Frederik J. Simons, Joel D. Simon, and Sirawich Pipatprathanporn
Evolutions in Marine Mammal Noise Exposure Criteria – Brandon L. Southall
Echo Classification- Statistics of Echo Fluctuations – Timothy K. Stanton, Wu-Jung Lee, and Kyungmin Baik

Sound Perspectives

Ask an Acoustician – Efren Fernandez-Grande and Micheal L. Dent
ASA Outreach in an Online World – L. Keeta Jones
How Are ASA Students Being Impacted by the Pandemic? – Hilary Kates Varghese, Kieren H. McCord, Mallory Morgan, and Elizabeth Weidner
Impact of the SARS-CoV-2 Pandemic on ASA Members – Tracianne B. Neilsen, Bonnie K. Lau
Administrative Committee Report: Committee on Ethics and Grievances – Preston S. Wilson


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