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Winter Issue 

We have all heard the phrase “Black Lives Matter.” But how many of us are familiar with “Black Minds Matter”? I was introduced to this phrase by a close friend and was immediately taken by its power and meaning. Indeed, I realized that both expressions are important and highly relevant to society and to the Acoustical Society of America (ASA).

To better understand these ideas, I would like to direct all readers to three very exciting and stimulating “Sound Perspectives” essays in this issue of Acoustics Today (AT). ASA member Tyrone Porter writes about the new and very important Committee to Improve Racial Diversity and Inclusivity (CIRDI) that he chairs. This committee will look at diversity in the ASA from many perspectives. They will also be leading efforts to increase diversity and help the ASA be more aware of diversity issues in STEM. In this essay, Tyrone sets the stage for the committee. He has also promised frequent reports for AT on its work. I also encourage you to read From the President on page 8 for additional information about this committee.

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ASA Statement on Racism and Injustice

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Volume 16 | Issue 4 Winter 2020

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From the Editor

From the President

Featured Articles

When Speech Goes Wrong: Evidence from Aphasia – Sheila E. Blumstein

Electric Vehicles Get Alert Signals to be Heard by Pedestrians: Benefits and Drawbacks – André Fiebig

The Evolution of Bat Robots – Rolf Müller and Roman Kuc

Kurtosis: A New Tool for Noise Analysis – Wei Qiu, William J. Murphy, and Alice Suter

Simulation-Based Auralization of Room Acoustics – Lauri Savioja and Ning Xiang

The Soundscape of Twenty-First-Century Libraries – Gary W. Siebein, Keely M. Siebein, Marylin Roa, and Hyun G. Paek

How a Frog Hears – Andrea Megela Simmons and Darlene R. Ketten

Sound Perspectives

Addressing the Lack of Black Members in the ASA – Tyrone Porter

The Need for A New Normal – E. K. Ellington Scott

Being a Black Scholar – James West

Ask an Acoustician: W. Owen Brimijoin

Student and Regional Chapters: The Grass Roots of the ASA – Colby W. Cushing and Elizabeth F. Weidner

What Is Responsible Conduct of Research? – Robert J. Dooling and Melissa A. Thompson


Obituary – Wendy Herd | 1973–2020

Letters to the Editor