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Winter Issue 

“AT Collections” In the last issue of Acoustics Today (AT), I introduced a new feature of the magazine and web page called “AT Collections” (available at The goal of “AT Collections” is to bring together articles on specific topics from past issues of AT and make them available to individuals, classes, and organizations interested in learning about acoustics-related topics. Please visit “AT Collections” and see our initial topics.

I look forward to increasing the number of topics covered in “AT Collections” and invite readers to create and curate new Collections pages. That is, if anyone would like a collection for use in a particular course or work use or is just interested in putting together a page on a topic that is of particular interest, drop me an email ( and I’ll send you the simple form to list the URLs of the articles you’d like to include. I’ll take it from there.

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Volume 17 | Issue 4, Winter 2021

From the Editor
From the Vice President

Featured Articles

Communicate Your Science: Engaging Public Audiences with AcousticsAllison B. Coffin
As the Wind Blows: Turbulent Noise on Outdoor MicrophonesGregory W. Lyons, Carl R. Hart, and Richard Raspet
Can We Use Ultrasound to Monitor and Diagnose Lung Diseases?Marie Muller and Libertario Demi
Valerian Tatarskii and Acoustic Wave Propagation in Random Media – Vladimir E. Ostashev, D. Keith Wilson,
and John A. Colosi

How Machine Learning Contributes to Solve Acoustical ProblemsMarie A. Roch, Peter Gerstoft, Bozena Kostek, and Zoi-Heleni Michalopoulou

Sound Perspectives

A Conversation with ASA Publications Editor in Chief Jim LynchJames H. Miller, John A. Colosi, Timothy F. Duda, and James F. Lynch
Ask an Acoustician: Lily M. WangLily M. Wang and Micheal L. Dent
The Sound Journey of a Future AcousticianBrooke Dougherty
Technical Committee Report: Committee on Engineering AcousticsMichael R. Haberman
Listening to the Voices of Spanish- Speaking Acousticians in the AmericasZachery O. L’Italien, Fernando del Solar Dorrego, Ana M. Jaramillo, and Mariana Botero
The Discovery of Sound in the Sea Project: Twenty Years of Success in Synthesizing Science for NonexpertsGail Scowcroft


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