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You will note a small change in this issue of Acoustics Today (AT). In the past, we have included short biographies of each author at the end of each article. However, we discovered that in many issues of Acoustics Today, the cumulative space taken up by the biographies was several pages. Because we are limited in the number pages in each issue and wanted to be able to devote more space to the articles and essays, we decided to move the biographies to the web. Therefore, the author listing at the end of each article now includes a URL and a QR code that takes you to the biographies for that article. (We did consider eliminating the biographies, but a quick survey of some readers supported the view that readers like and value learning a little about the authors, especially when the authors are younger members.) If you have any thoughts about this change or whether there should even be the short biographies, please don’t hesitate to send me an email (

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Featured Articles

The Sound from Underwater ExplosionsDavid R. Dall’Osto, Peter H. Dahl, and N. Ross Chapman
Zebrafish as a Key to Unlocking Human Genetic Diseases of Hearing Erin Jimenez and Ashwin A. Bhandiwad
Auditory Informational MaskingGerald Kidd Jr. and Christopher Conroy
Bionic Hearing- When Is It Time to Get a Cochlear Implant?Nicole Nguyen, Larissa Curry, and Matthew J. Goupell
Understanding Arterial Biomechanics with Ultrasound and Waveguide Models – Matthew W. Urban, Tuhin Roy, Wilkins Aquino, Murthy N. Guddati, and James F. Greenleaf

Sound Perspectives

Awards and Prizes
Conversation with a ColleagueRuth Litovsky
International Student Challenge Problem in Acoustic Signal Processing 2023Brian G. Ferguson, R. Lee Culver, and Kay L. Gemba
Reaching Reporters, Teachers, and Bosses Lay Language PapersL. Keeta Jones


James W. Beauchamp | 1937–2022
Louis D. Braida | 1943–2022
Hendrikus (Diek) Duifhuis | 1943–2022
Oswald Jozef Leroy | 1936–2022