Arthur N. Popper, Editor

Winter Issue 

This “From the Editor” was written by both Arthur Popper (editor) and Micheal Dent (associate editor). We jointly wrote this piece because it arose from Micheal’s question to Art about the lack of women as first authors of articles in some issues of Acoustics Today (AT). As a consequence of this question, we decided to review the distribution of articles by women in AT along with our overall goal to, over multiple issues of AT, ensure that articles reflect the technical committee (TC) diversity of the Acoustical Society of America (ASA).1

What we realized as we started to analyze the articles is that we could do better in ensuring that we have women taking the lead in articles in AT. That is, other than in our special fall 2018 issue (see, Micheal was right in observing that a number of issues of AT have had few or no women as lead authors on articles. This is of considerable concern to us because the one thing that we have tried to do is to use AT to help increase the visibility and impact of women in acoustics in general and in the ASA in particular, not only through the special issue but also by having regular “Sound Perspectives” essays from our Women in Acoustics Committee.

Volume 15, Issue 4 Winter 2019

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