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Volume 13 | Issue 1, Spring 2017

From the Editor

Featured Articles

Acoustics of Organ Pipes and Future Trends in the Research – by Judit Angster, Péter Rucz, and András Miklós
What Is Electromotility? – The History of Its Discovery and Its Relevance to Acoustics – by William E. Brownell
Physiologically Based Predictors of Speech Intelligibility – by Ian C. Bruce
Speech Communication Across the Life Span – by Valerie Hazan
Clinical and Preclinical Applications of High-Frequency Ultrasound – by Jeffrey A. Ketterling and Ronald H. Silverman


Notes from a Year as a Congressional Science Fellow – by Rachel Carr
Report from the Acoustical Society Foundation Fund – by Carl Rosenberg

ASA News

ASA School 2016, Snowbird, Utah – by Stan E. Dosso, Judy R. Dubno, and Brigitte Schulte-Fortkamp

Book Announcements from ASA Press:

The Frequency-Following Response: A Window into Human Communication – N. Kraus, S. Anderson, T. White-Schwoch, R. R. Fay, A. N. Popper (Eds.)


Ira Dyer (1925-2016)
Richard V. Waterhouse (1924-2016)

Volume 13 | Issue 2, Summer 2017

From the Editor
From the Executive Director

Featured Articles

Acoustical Measurements with Smartphones: Possibilities and Limitations – by Benjamin M. Faber
What To Do About Environmental Noise? – by Enda Murphy
Insect Bioacoustics– by Gerald S. Pollack
Terrestrial, Semiaquatic, and Fully Aquatic Mammal Sound Production Mechanisms – by Joy S. Reidenberg
Marine Mammal Acoustic Behavior – by Peter L. Tyack

Sound Perspectives

The Need for Speed – by James F. Lynch and Adrian KC Lee
ASA Education and Outreach Program – by L. Keeta Jones
Women in Acoustics: Honoring Some of Our Heroes – by Lauren M. Ronsse and Tracianne B. Neilsen
The Shape of the ASA: Similarity Relationships Among the Acoustical Society’s Technical Areas – by Kenneth J. de Jong and Terrin Tamati
Technical Committee Report: Animal Bioacoustics – by Christine Erbe and Micheal L. Dent


Foundation Report – by Carl Rosenberg

Book Announcements from ASA Press

Understanding Acoustics – by Steven L. Garrett
Acoustics of the Seabed as a Poroelastic Medium – by Nicholas P. Chotiros


Chester M. McKinney | 1920-2017
William N. Tavolga | 1922-2017

Volume 13 | Issue 3, Fall 2017

From the Editor
From the President | Michael R. Stinson
From the Executive Director

Featured Articles

The Acoustics of Marine Sediments – by Megan S. Ballard and Kevin M. Lee
Animal Psychoacoustics – by Micheal L. Dent
Improving Academic Mentoring Relationships and Environments – by Kent L. Gee and Arthur N. Popper
Imaging the Listening Brain – by Adrian KC Lee
Otoacoustic Emissions: Can Laboratory Research Improve Their Clinical Utility? –  by Brenda L. Lonsbury-Martin, Barden B. Stagner, and Glen K. Martin

Sound Perspectives

A Report from the Treasurer: Acoustical Society Finances – by David Feit
Acoustical Society Foundation Fund – by Carl Rosenberg
Standards Program of the Acoustical Society of America – by Christopher J. Struck 
Technical Committee Report: Signal Processing – by Paul J. Gendron
Le Semaine du Son – by Ernesto Accolti


ASA Press Book Announcements:
•Bat Bioacoustics – M. Brock Fenton, Alan D. Grinnel, Arthur N. Popper, and Richard R. Fay
Review by Whitlow W. L. Au

Volume 13 | Issue 4, Winter 2017

From the Editor
From the President

Featured Articles

isadore Rudnick (1917-1997): Acoustics in the Service of Physics – Steven L. Garrett, Julian D. Maynard, and Seth J. Putterman
Trespassing the Barrier of the Brain with Ultrasound – Elisa E. Konofagou
Acoustics and Astronomy – James F. Lynch
Acoustics and Vibration of Baseball and Softball Bats – Daniel A. Russell
Theories about Target Ranging in Bat Sonar – James A. Simmons
Some Work on the Diagnosis and Management of Kidney Stones with Ultrasound – Julianna C. Simon, Adam D. Maxwell, and Michael R. Bailey

Sound Perspectives

Ask an Acoustician – Micheal L. Dent
Technical Committee Report: Underwater Acoustics – Megan S. Ballard
Twenty-Five Years of the ASA Women in Acoustics Committee – Lauren M. Ronsse and Tracianne B. Neilsen
ASA Education and Outreach Program – L. Keeta Jones
ASA Sounds out on Social Media – Dan Farrell and L. Keeta Jones


Foundation Report – by Carl Rosenberg
Obituary – Konstantin A. Naugolnykh | 1932-2017