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Volume 11 | Issue 3, Summer

From the Editor
From the President

Featured Articles

Update on Acoustical Society of America Publications from the Editor in Chief – James F. Lynch
Nonreciprocal Acoustics – Romain Fleury, Dimitrios Sounas, Michael R. Haberman and Andrea Alù
Lending an Ear in the Courtroom: Forensic Acoustics – Robert C. Maher
Reading, Writing, and the Acoustical Society of America – Allan D. Pierce
Where the Decibels Hit the Water: Perspectives on the Application of Science to Real-World Underwater Noise and Marine Protected Species Issues – Amy R. Scholik-Schlomer
Psychoacoustics: A Brief Historical Overview – William A. Yost


Book Announcement and Review:

ASA PRESS/Springer: Model-Based Processing for Underwater Acoustic Arrays – Edmund J. Sullivan
Acoustics of Small Rooms – Mendel Kleiner and Jiri Tichy – Review by Murray Hodgson, Leila Scannell and James Higgins
ASA Foundation Update – Carl J. Rosenberg
Technical Committee Report: Noise – Scott Sommerfeldt and William J. Murphy
Obituary: David Alan Bies (1925-2015)
ASA News:
Students Activities at ASA Pittsburgh– Chris Jasinski

Volume 11 | Issue 4, Fall

From the Executive Director

Featured Articles

History of Dolphin Biosonar Research – Whitlow W. L. Au
Speech in Autism Spectrum Disorder – Karen V. Chenausky
A Review of US Aircraft Noise Regulatory Policy – Sanford Fidell
On-Demand Cavitation from Bursting Droplets – Mark T. Burgess and Tyrone M. Porter
The Penn State Acoustics Program at 50 – Victor W. Sparrow, Jiri Tichy, Anthony A. Atchley and Sabih I. Hayek


Technical Committee Report: Education in Acoustics – David T. Bradley
ASA Foundation Update – Carl J. Rosenberg


Thomas J. Plona (1948-2015)
Annemarie Surlykke (1955-2015)
James L. Flanagan (1925-2015)
Donald Ross (1922-2015)