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Volume 18, Issue 1, Spring 2022

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Featured Articles

Speech Synthesis: Toward a “Voice” for AllH. Timothy Bunnell
Human Hearing in the Underwater EnvironmentBrandon M. Casper and Matthew A. Babina
Listening to Mom: How the Early Auditory Experience Sculpts the Auditory Cortex of the Brain Patrick O. Kanold
William A. Yost and the Psychoacoustics of Human Sound Source PerceptionRobert A. Lutfi and Christopher A. Brown
Additive Manufacturing Enables New Ideas in AcousticsChristina J. Naify, Kathryn H. Matlack, and Michael R. Haberman
The Perception and Measurement of Headphone Sound Quality: What Do Listeners Prefer?  – Sean E. Olive

Sound Perspectives

Awards and Prizes Announcement
Ask an Acoustician: Arthur N. Popper  – Arthur N. Popper and Micheal L. Dent
Identity Struggles of a Black STEM Academic  – Tyrone Porter
Voces de los Acústicos Hispanohablantes en América Latina  – Zachery O. L’Italien, Fernando del Solar Dorrego,



Mahlon Daniel Burkhard | 1923–2021
Tony Frederick Wallace Embleton | 1929–2020
John Richard Preston | 1945–2021
Charles Schoff Watson | 1932–2021

From the Editor
From the President

Featured Articles

Fish Sound Production – The Swim Bladder – Michael L. Fine and Eric Parmentier

Speech, Rhythm, and the Brain – Steven Greenberg

Pitch Perception in a Developing Auditory Brain – Bonnie K. Lau

How Our Brains Make Sense of Noisy Speech – Jonathan E. Peelle and Arthur Wingfield

Biotremology-Tapping into the World of Substrate-Borne Waves – Louise Roberts and Kyle Wickings

Guitar Sounds – From Wood Vibrations to a Mini Power Plant – Jesús Alejandro Torres

Sound Perspectives

Recent Acoustical Society of America Awards and Prizes

Conversation with a Colleague – Andone Lavery

Sounds Like Research- Graduate Student Stories – Megan S. Anderson, Zane Rusk, Colby Cushing, Lucy Ruoqian Cheng, Hilary Kates Varghese, Mark Langhirt, and Elizabeth Weidner

High-School Students Win ASA Awards at the International Science and Engineering Fair – Laurie M. Heller

Online Education Tools- Effective Practices from DOSITS – Kathleen J. Vigness-Raposa, Holly Morin, Christopher Knowlton, and Gail Scowcroft


Armin Kohlrausch, 1953–2022
Sam H. Ridgway, 1936–2022
Sigfrid D. Soli, 1946–2022

Volume 18, Issue 2, Summer 2022

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From the President

Featured Articles

Building Blood Vessels and Beyond Using Bubbles  – Mitra Aliabouzar and Mario L. Fabiilli

Teaching Architectural Acoustics to Students of Various DisciplinesDaniel Butko

Weird Data: The Element of Surprise in Underwater Acoustic Sensing  – Erin M. Fischell

Sounds Full of Meaning and the Evolution of Language  – Susanne Fuchs and Aleksandra Ćwiek

Acoustics in Music Archaeology: Re-Sounding the Marsoulas Conch and Its Cave  – Miriam A. Kolar, Carole Fritz, and Gilles Tosello

Rainfall at Sea: Using the Underwater Sounds of Raindrops as a Rain Gauge for Weather and Climate  – Barry B. Ma, Brian D. Dushaw, and Bruce M. Howe

Sound Perspectives

Conversation with a Colleague: Joseph A. Sisneros: The Soniferous Life of Midshipman Fish  – Joseph A. Sisneros

From the Executive Director  – Susan E. Fox

Social Media for Acoustics Professionals  – Kathi Mestayer, Andrew Morrison, and Edward Richards


Obituaries – Reinier Plomp | 1929–2022