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Author Bio

Elle O’Brien is a PhD student at the Institute for Brain Sciences and Learning at the University of Washington. She holds a BA in Mathematics and an MS in Neuroscience. Her research explores speech perception and computational models of the auditory system. She is broadly interested in preserving and sharing the history of science.

Historical Biographies in Acoustics

This essay series will remind readers of the major historic figures in acoustics. The aim is to share not only the scientific and engineering breakthroughs that advanced acoustics, but the personalities behind those discoveries.

The series is written by Elle O’Brien, an Acoustics Today intern. Elle is interested not only in research, but also in science writing and communication.  The goal of her series is to introduce ASA members, and particularly younger members and students, to some of the past giants in the study of acoustics.  If you have ideas for others who might be included in the series, please contact Elle.

Look for future essays in this series about Robert Apfel (Biomedical Acoustics), Carleen Hutchins (Musical Acoustics), Ernest Glen Wever (Animal Bioacoustics), Sophie Germaine (Physical Acoustics) and more.