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AT Collections – Technical Committees

The thirteen technical committees of the Acoustical Society of America (ASA) provide the focus for members’ technical interests. The technical committees play an important role in arranging technical sessions for the meetings promoting new developments in their respective fields, representing the Society in joint sponsorship of meetings with other organizations, and assuming responsibility for their particular coverage of subject matter in publications of the Society.


These Sound Perspectives essays from Acoustics Today provide insight into the interests of members of each technical committee.

Musical Acoustics – Thomas R. Moore

The Technical Committee on Musical Acoustics (TCMU) is made up of scientists and engineers interested in the application of science and technology to the study of music and musical instruments.

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Acoustical Oceanography – Andone C. Lavery

The Technical Committee (TC) on Acoustical Oceanography (TCAO) was founded in 1991 and is made up of scientists and engineers interested the development and use of acoustical techniques to understand the physical, biological, geological, and chemical parameters and processes that occur in the ocean, broadly described here as “oceanography.”

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Biomedical Acoustics – by Nathan McDannold

The Technical Committee (TC) on Biomedical Acoustics (BA), one of the most diverse groups in the Acoustical Society of America (ASA), is composed of individuals whose interests cover a broad range of diagnostic and therapeutic applications or, more generally, the interaction of sound with biological materials.

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Noise – Scott Sommerfeldt, William J. Murphy

The Technical Committee on Noise (TCN) focuses on increasing and diffusing knowledge of noise generation and propagation, passive and active noise control, perception and the effects of noise, and the management of exposure to noise.

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Computational Acoustics – D. Keith Wilson

At the spring 2018 meeting of the Acoustical Society of America (ASA) in Minneapolis, MN, the Executive Council approved the formation of a new Technical Specialty Group (TSG) in Computational Acoustics (CA).

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