Move Me with Your Sound: Acoustic Streaming, Its Manifestations, and Some of Its Uses
Acoustics Today, Vol. 19, Iss. 3, pgs. 38-45

Raghu Raghavan

Therataxis, LLC
4203 Somerset Place
Baltimore, Maryland 21210, USA

Raghu Raghavan obtained his PhD In physics in condensed matter theory at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His experience encompasses research in academia, in the research divisions of large companies, and in small high-tech businesses. He cofounded Therataxis, LLC, Baltimore, Maryland, where he has conducted both grant-funded and commercial research, leading to commercialized products. Currently, he works on physical models of tissue biomechanics and on modeling transport of therapeutic agents such as small molecules and proteins into the brain, including in response to acoustic waves. The goals include the planning of drug delivery and guidance for neuro, craniofacial, and other surgical procedures.

George Hrabovsky

512 Withworth Avenue
Kingsford, Michigan 49802, USA

George Hrabovsky is the founder and president of Midwest Area Science and Technology (MAST), Kingsford, Michigan. He is the coauthor, with Leonard Susskind, of the best-selling theoretical physics book, The Theoretical Minimum. George is self-taught and is a lifetime member of the American Physical Society (APS). He actively researches topics in gravitation, fluid dynamics, mathematical physics, and computational physics.