Volume 15, Issue 3 Fall 2019

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Featured Articles

Hospital Soundscapes: Characterization, Impacts, and Interventions – Ilene Busch-Vishniac and Erica Ryherd

The Impact of Urban and Traffic Noise on Birds – Robert J. Dooling, David Buehler, Marjorie R. Leek, and Arthur N. Popper

Computational Acoustics in Oceanography: The Research Roles of Sound Field Simulations – Timothy F. Duda, Julien Bonnel, Emanuel Coelho, and Kevin D. Heaney

Ambient Noise Is “The New Secondhand Smoke” – Daniel Fink

Does Sensory Modality Matter? Not for Speech Perception – Lawrence D. Rosenblum

Nonlinear Acoustics Today – Oleg A. Sapozhnikov, Vera A. Khokhlova, Robin O. Cleveland, Philippe Blanc-Benon, and Mark F. Hamilton

Sound Perspectives

Awards and Prizes Announcement

Ask an Acoustician – Sarah A. Marley and Micheal L. Dent

A Journey Through Unseen Oceans – Kelly Benoit-Bird

Noise Awareness Outreach Efforts – L. Keeta Jones

Acoustical Society of America Participation at the International Science and Engineering Fair – Inder Raj S. Makin



Logan E. Hargrove | 1935–2019

Larry Herbert Royster | 1936–2019

Jiri Tichy | 1927–2019