ASA fellow Timothy G. Leighton  has been awarded Fellowship of the Royal Society, the national academy of sciences for the UK and the Commonwealth. He has also recently been awarded the 2014 Rayleigh Gold Medal of the UK Institute of Acoustics, the IoA’s highest award. Leighton is Professor of Ultrasonics and Underwater Acoustics at Southampton University, UK. In 2001 he was the inaugural winner of the ASA’s International Medwin Prize for Acoustical Oceanography, and in 2013 was awarded the ASA’s Helmholtz-Rayleigh Interdisciplinary Silver Medal, recognizing his contributions to Biomedical Acoustics, Physical Acoustics, and Acoustical Oceanography. Reinforcing the interdisciplinary nature of his work, in the same month as the two above awards were announced, Leighton was informed that a paper on his radar system TWIPR (doi:10.1098/rspa.2013.0512; first published in his talk at the Montreal ASA meeting in 2013) was 2013’s second-most downloaded paper from the Royal Society’s Proceedings A website, despite being published as late as December 2013 (available online from 23 October 2013 at ). Further details about Fellowship of the Royal Society can be found at and the IOA Rayleigh Medal can be found at .