Audio clips of synthetic speech illustrating the history of the art and technology of synthetically produced human speech.

The audio clips below are taken from Dennis Klatt’s (1987), “Review of text-to-speech conversion for English” J. Acous. Soc. Amer. 82, 737-793 (complete text available online thanks to David Maxey) with accompanying LP audio disk bound with the journal. We obtained permission from Dan Martin (former General Editor, JASA) to reproduce these audio clips on the web as a public service.

See also the Smithsonian Speech Synthesis History Project by H. David Maxey for additional information on this topic.

The ASA retains the copyright to these recordings. For further details about the synthesis methods, see Klatt’s article.

Article Abstract

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Section A, 1939-1982 Development of speech synthesizers.
Section B, 1959-1968 Segmental synthesis by rule.
Section C, 1968-1980 Synthesis-by-rule of segments and sentence prosody.
Section D , 1968-1985 Automatic text-speech conversion.