Volume 17 | Issue 1 Spring 2021


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From the Editor

Featured Articles
Ultrasonic Hearing in Cats and Other Terrestrial Mammals – M. Charlotte Kruger
The Ins and Outs of Baby Talk – Linda Polka
Psychoacoustics of Tinnitus- Lost in Translation – Christopher Spankovich
One Singer, Two Voices – Johan Sundberg
Hearing and Speech Research at the NIDCD – Debara L. Tucci
Global Positioning Systems – Over Land and Under Sea – Lora J. Van Uffelen
Computational Methods and Techniques Across Acoustics – Grant C. Eastland

Sound Perspectives
Ask an Acoustician – Zoi-Heleni Michalopoulou

Recent Acoustical Society of America Awards and Prizes

James David Miller, 1930–2020
Jeffrey A. Nystuen, 1957–2020
Ann Kristen Syrdal, 1945–2020