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Volume 18, Issue 2, Summer 2022

From the Editor
From the President

Featured Articles

Building Blood Vessels and Beyond Using Bubbles  – Mitra Aliabouzar and Mario L. Fabiilli

Teaching Architectural Acoustics to Students of Various DisciplinesDaniel Butko

Weird Data: The Element of Surprise in Underwater Acoustic Sensing  – Erin M. Fischell

Sounds Full of Meaning and the Evolution of Language  – Susanne Fuchs and Aleksandra Ćwiek

Acoustics in Music Archaeology: Re-Sounding the Marsoulas Conch and Its Cave  – Miriam A. Kolar, Carole Fritz, and Gilles Tosello

Rainfall at Sea: Using the Underwater Sounds of Raindrops as a Rain Gauge for Weather and Climate  – Barry B. Ma, Brian D. Dushaw, and Bruce M. Howe

Sound Perspectives

Conversation with a Colleague: Joseph A. Sisneros: The Soniferous Life of Midshipman Fish  – Joseph A. Sisneros

From the Executive Director  – Susan E. Fox

Social Media for Acoustics Professionals  – Kathi Mestayer, Andrew Morrison, and Edward Richards


Obituaries – Reinier Plomp | 1929–2022