Multimedia 1. Classical guitar: E major prelude written by Manuel M. Ponce, played by Abel García Ayala, using the “La Cumbre” replica discussed in the text.

Multimedia 2. Electric guitar: A brief example written and played by the author of the paper to show some techniques explained through the body of the text.

Multimedia 3. Driving the resonance of the air of the soundhole interacting with the enclosed air of the soundbox and the body of the instrument

Multimedia 4. The first two mode shapes of a clamped guitar top plate revealed by the technique of laser streak patterns: a monopolar mode centered in the bridge appears at the start of the file, and a dipole where the bridge terminations are oscillating in opposite phase appears at the end of the file. Detailed explanations about this can be found in (Torres and Boullosa, 2009).

Multimedia 5. Finite element simulation of the vibrations on an acoustic guitar top plate, in a mode shape where the deflections are constrained by the design of the fan bracing. Deflections were intentionally overscaled so they are noticeably bigger than reality.  Video used courtesy of ANSYS, Inc.

Multimedia 6. The sound of the same notes played in a steel-stringed acoustic guitar (right) and an electric guitar (left).