Volume 10, Issue 3 – Summer

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Bioacoustic Monitoring Contributes to an Understanding of Climate Change – Laura N. Kloepper and Andrea M. Simmons

Observing the Invisible: Using Microphone Arrays to Study Bat Echolocation – Jason E. Gaudette and James A. Simmons

Musical Origins and the Stone Age Evolution of Flutes – Jelle Atema

Review of Air-Coupled Transduction for Nondestructive Testing and Evaluation- Marcel C. Remillieux, Brian E. Anderson, T. J. Ulrich, Pierre-Yves Le Bas, Michael R. Haberman, and Jinying Zhu

Sonars and Strandings: Are Beaked Whales the Aquatic Acoustic Canary? – Darlene R. Ketten


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