Volume 12, Issue 1 – Spring 2016

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From the President and the Executive Director
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Featured Articles

The Invention and Evolution of the Piano – Nicholas Giordano

The Evolution of Mammalian Sound Localization – Henry E. Heffner and Rickye S. Heffner

Preventing Occupational Hearing Loss— Time for a Paradigm Shift – William J. Murphy

Walter H. Munk: Seventy-Five Years of Exploring the Seas – Robert C. Spindel and Peter F. Worcester

Infrasound from Tornados: Theory, Measurement, and Prospects for Their Use in Early Warning Systems – Carrick Talmadge and Roger Waxler


Book Announcement from ASA Press:

ASAPress/Springer: Treatise on Acoustics E.F.F. Chladni (Translated by Robert T. Beyer)

Technical Committee Report: Physical Acoustics Joseph (Josh) Gladden

News from the Acoustical Society Foundation – Carl J. Rosenberg


Leif Bjørnø (1937–2015)
Karl Uno Ingard (1921-2014)