Volume 12, Issue 2 – Summer 2016

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From the Editors of JASA-EL and POMA

Featured Articles

Designing Active Learning Environments – John R. Buck, Kathleen E. Wage and Jill K. Nelson

Violin AcousticsColin E. Gough

Acoustics of Regionally Accented Speech Ewa Jacewicz and Robert A. Fox

Regeneration of Auditory Hair Cells: A Potential Treatment for Hearing Loss on the Horizon – Rebecca M. Lewis, Edwin W Rubel and Jennifer S. Stone


Technical Committee Report: Psychological and Physiological Acoustics – Andrew J. Oxenham

News from the Acoustical Society FoundationCarl J. Rosenberg

Book Announcements from ASA Press:

Worship Space Acoustics: 3 Decades of Design – D.T. Bradley, E.E. Ryherd, L.M. Ronsse (Eds.)

Acoustics of Musical Instruments – A. Chaigne, J. Kergomard


George Elias Ioup (1939-2016)
Norman C. Pickering (1916–2015)
Roelof J. Ritsma (1925-2015)
Ewart Wetherill (1928–2015)