Volume 12 Issue 4, Winter 2016

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From the Editor

From the Education and Outreach Coordinator

Featured Articles

Sound and Marine Seismic Surveys – by Robert C. Gisiner

James Clerk Maxwell and the Physics of Sound – by Philip L. Marston

The Acoustics of Brass Musical Instruments – by Thomas R. Moore

Highway Traffic Noise – by Judith L. Rochat and Darlene Reiter

A History of Speech Production Research – by Maureen Stone and Christine H. Shadle


Technical Committee Report: Biomedical Acoustics – by Nathan McDannold

ASA News

News from the Acoustical Society FoundationCarl J. Rosenberg

Engaging Early Career Acousticians in the Acoustical Society of America – by Tessa Bent

Book Announcements from ASA Press:

Hearing Aids  Editors: G. R. Popelka, B. C. J. Moore, R. R. Fay, A. N. Popper (Eds.)


Leo Leroy Beranek (1914-2016)
Edwin L. Carstensen (1919-2016)
Donald C. Teas (1927-2016)

Book Review

American Luthier, Carleen Hutchins —   The Art & Science of the Violin – Author  Quincy Whitney