Volume 13, Issue 4 Winter 2017

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Featured Articles

isadore Rudnick (1917-1997): Acoustics in the Service of Physics – Steven L. Garrett, Julian D. Maynard, and Seth J. Putterman

Trespassing the Barrier of the Brain with Ultrasound – Elisa E. Konofagou

Acoustics and Astronomy – James F. Lynch

Acoustics and Vibration of Baseball and Softball Bats – Daniel A. Russell

Theories about Target Ranging in Bat Sonar – James A. Simmons

Some Work on the Diagnosis and Management of Kidney Stones with Ultrasound – Julianna C. Simon, Adam D. Maxwell, and Michael R. Bailey

Sound Perspectives

Ask an Acoustician – Micheal L. Dent

Technical Committee Report: Underwater Acoustics – Megan S. Ballard

Twenty-Five Years of the ASA Women in Acoustics Committee – Lauren M. Ronsse and Tracianne B. Neilsen

ASA Education and Outreach Program – L. Keeta Jones

ASA Sounds out on Social Media – Dan Farrell and L. Keeta Jones


Foundation Report – by Carl Rosenberg

Obituary – Konstantin A. Naugolnykh | 1932-2017