Volume 14, Issue 1 Spring 2018

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From the Editor

Featured Articles

The Mammalian Ear: Physics and the Principles of Evolution Geoffrey A. Manley, Andrei N. Lukashkin, Patrício Simões, George W. S. Burwood, and Ian J. Russell

The Inaudible Rumble of Volcanic Eruptions – Robin S. Matoza and David Fee

Exploring the Ocean Through Soundscapes – Jennifer L. Miksis-Olds, Bruce Martin, and Peter L. Tyack

Floyd Dunn and His Contributions to Biomedical Ultrasound – William D. O’Brien, Jr.

Soundscape Ecology of the Anthropocene – Hans Slabbekoorn

The Acoustics of Woodwind Musical Instruments – Joe Wolfe

Sound Perspectives

Committee on International Research and Education – Ann Bradlow and Michael Vorländer

Public Relations Committee – Andrew A. Piacsek

Student Council of the Acoustical Society of America—Tyler J. Flynn and Sarah M. Young

Ask an Acoustician – Whitney Coyle

Celebrating 100: Walter H. Munk – Peter F. Worcester


Foundation Report – by Carl Rosenberg

ASA Press Book Announcement

Neville H. Fletcher | 1930-2017
Asbjørn Krokstad | 1931-2017
Bertel Møhl | 1936-2017